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Arts and Humanities Fast publishing research Journals: Publish your research papers in fasttrack mode with fast publishing research journals of Arts and Humanities. A Fast punlishing journal is a scientific journal that review, process and publish an article in a few months. This web document aims to provide with you the fast Arts and Humanities research journals.

List of fast publishing research Journals in Arts and Humanities

50 Free Arts and Humanities Journals founded
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNReview ProcessPublication Time (In Week)
1Kalemisi DergisiSada Institute of Art and Language Studies2148-046XDouble blind peer review5
2Open Research EuropeF1000 Research Limited2732-5121Post-publication peer review, Open peer review2
3EviternaUniversidad de Málaga2530-6014Double blind peer review9
4Arte y Políticas de IdentidadEditum, Ediciones de la Universidad de Murcia1989-8452Double blind peer review6
5АрхитектонUral State University of Architecture and Art1990-4126Double blind peer review10
6Body, Space & Technology JournalOpen Library of Humanities1470-9120Double blind peer review10
7Images Re-VuesCentre d´Histoire et Théorie des Arts1778-3801Editorial review10
8Fusion JournalCharles Sturt University (Australia); University of Lincoln (UK)2201-7208Double blind peer review8
9Revista VisuaisUniversidade Estadual de Campinas2447-1313Double blind peer review8
10Pelataran Seni: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Kajian SeniUniversitas Lambung Mangkurat, Performing Arts Education Study Program2528-6404Double blind peer review10
11MagazénEdizioni Ca’ Foscari2724-3923Double blind peer review8
12BioengineeringMDPI AG2306-5354Blind peer review6
13ConservationMDPI AG2673-7159Blind peer review7
14MuzealnictwoIndex Copernicus International S.A.2391-4815Blind peer review8
15Revista de Humanidades de ValparaísoUniversidad de Valparaíso0719-4242Peer review5
16Journal of Multidisciplinary ResearchSt. Thomas University1947-2919Double blind peer review8
17Los Libros de la Corte.esUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid1989-6425Double blind peer review8
18Giornale di StoriaAssociazione Giornale di Storia Aps2036-4938Double blind peer review3
19Sztuka i DokumentacjaAcademy of Fine Arts in GdanskPeer review5
20KokoroRevista KokoroEditorial review10
21Revistamultidisciplinar.comNMd, Núcleo Multidisciplinar, UALG2184-5492Double blind peer review6
22Journal of Arts and Social SciencesSultan Qaboos University2522-2279Double blind peer review8
23Revista Internacional de Educação SuperiorUniversidade Estadual de Campinas2446-9424Double blind peer review8
24ActosUniversidad Academia Humanismo Cristiano2452-4727Double blind peer review4
25Midlands Historical ReviewThe Midlands Historical Review2516-8568Editorial review4
26MonogramaFundación Iberoamericana de las Industrias Culturales y Creativas2603-5839Double blind peer review8
27Liberal Arts and Social Sciences International JournalIDEA PUBLISHERS2664-8148Double blind peer review10
28Audiology ResearchMDPI AG2039-4349Blind peer review6
29AntioxidantsMDPI AG2076-3921Blind peer review6
30BatteriesMDPI AG2313-0105Blind peer review6
31TomographyMDPI AG2379-139XBlind peer review7
32Fundamental ResearchKeAi Communications Co. Ltd.2667-3258Blind peer review9
33TextilesMDPI AG2673-7248Blind peer review7
34Türk Turizm Araştırmaları DergisiTutad2587-0890Double blind peer review1
35Arcadia: Explorations in Environmental HistoryRachel Carson Center for Environment and Society2199-3408Blind peer review8
36AnimalsMDPI AG2076-2615Blind peer review6
37Naučno-tehničeskij Vestnik Informacionnyh Tehnologij, Mehaniki i OptikiSaint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University)2500-0373Double blind peer review8
38PhotonicsMDPI AG2304-6732Blind peer review8
39VisionMDPI AG2411-5150Blind peer review11
40Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research JournalCenter for Policy, Research and Development Studies2408-3755Double blind peer review8
41Revista Cuestiones EconómicasBanco Central del Ecuador2697-3367Double blind peer review7
42European PapersEuropean Papers (www.europeanpapers.eu)2499-8249Double blind peer review4
43ChemistryMDPI AG2624-8549Blind peer review6
44Journal of Pipeline Science and EngineeringKeAi Communications Co. Ltd.2667-1433Double blind peer review10
45BiophysicaMDPI AG2673-4125Blind peer review6
46Journalism and MediaMDPI AG2673-5172Double blind peer review7
47Tourism and HospitalityMDPI AG2673-5768Blind peer review7
48BioChemMDPI AG2673-6411Blind peer review6
49SolidsMDPI AG2673-6497Blind peer review7
50Jurnal AbdimasUniversitas Negeri Semarang2503-1252Peer review5

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