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List of free publication journals indexed in Scopus, SCI

This web page aims to provide the latest list of free publication research journals. These journals are Web of Science and Scopus indexed. Moreover, all these scientific journals are open access. Researchers are advised to click on the journal title to know more journal details.

Free publication journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNReview Process
1VikalpaSAGE Publishing0256-0909Double anonymous peer review
2WirtschaftsdienstSpringer0043-6275Anonymous peer review
3Physics Letters BElsevier0370-2693Peer review
4The Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear MedicineSpringerOpen0378-603XDouble anonymous peer review
5The Cardiothoracic SurgeonSpringerOpenDouble anonymous peer review
6International Journal of Anthropology and EthnologySpringerOpenDouble anonymous peer review
7Revista Médica Clínica Las CondesElsevier0716-8640Double anonymous peer review
8Pacific Journal of Mathematics for IndustrySpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
9Journal of Modern TransportationSpringerOpen2095-087XPeer review
10Journal of Eurasian StudiesSAGE Publishing1879-3665Double anonymous peer review
11Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer InstituteSpringerOpen1110-0362Double anonymous peer review
12The Egyptian Heart JournalSpringerOpen1110-2608Double anonymous peer review
13Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest ControlSpringerOpen1110-1768Double anonymous peer review
14Egyptian Journal of Medical Human GeneticsSpringerOpen1110-8630Double anonymous peer review
15Middle East Fertility Society JournalSpringerOpen1110-5690Anonymous peer review
16African Journal of UrologySpringerOpen1110-5704Double anonymous peer review
17Bulletin of Faculty of Physical TherapySpringerOpen1110-6611Double anonymous peer review
18Egyptian Pediatric Association GazetteSpringerOpen1110-6638Double anonymous peer review
19Egyptian Liver JournalSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
20Egyptian Journal of Forensic SciencesSpringerOpen2090-536XDouble anonymous peer review
21Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Advances in the Clinical LabElsevierAnonymous peer review
22Therapeutic Advances in Rare DiseaseSAGE PublishingAnonymous peer review
23Revista Brasileira de Hematologia e HemoterapiaElsevier1516-8484Double anonymous peer review
24Journal of Basic and Applied ZoologySpringerOpen2090-9896Anonymous peer review
25Egyptian Journal of NeurosurgerySpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
26ECNU Review of EducationSAGE Publishing2096-5311Double anonymous peer review
27Future Business JournalSpringerOpen2314-7202Double anonymous peer review
28Journal of Current Chinese AffairsSAGE Publishing1868-1026Double anonymous peer review
29Cell RegenerationSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
30Applied MicroscopySpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
31Smart Learning EnvironmentsSpringerOpenDouble anonymous peer review
32Middle East Current PsychiatrySpringerOpen2090-5408Anonymous peer review
33CybersecuritySpringerOpenDouble anonymous peer review
34Journal of Electrical Systems and Information TechnologySpringerOpenDouble anonymous peer review
35Leadership, Education, PersonalitySpringerDouble anonymous peer review
36Anales de PediatríaElsevier1695-4033Double anonymous peer review
37Anales de Pediatría (English Edition)ElsevierDouble anonymous peer review
38Ophthalmology and Eye DiseasesSAGE PublishingAnonymous peer review
39Therapeutic Advances in Vaccines and ImmunotherapySAGE Publishing2515-1355Anonymous peer review
40Future Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesSpringerOpen2314-7245Double anonymous peer review
41Proceedings of Singapore HealthcareSAGE Publishing2010-1058Double anonymous peer review
42Journal of Psychosexual HealthSAGE Publishing2631-8318Double anonymous peer review
43Perspectives in Ecology and ConservationElsevierAnonymous peer review
44International Journal of Chinese EducationSAGE Publishing2212-585XAnonymous peer review
45Swiss Journal of Economics and StatisticsSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
46Global Media and ChinaSAGE PublishingDouble anonymous peer review
47Journal of Politics in Latin AmericaSAGE Publishing1866-802XDouble anonymous peer review
48Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and RehabilitationSAGE Publishing2210-4917Double anonymous peer review
49Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied SciencesSpringerOpen2314-8535Double anonymous peer review
50Journal of Current Southeast Asian AffairsSAGE Publishing1868-1034Double anonymous peer review
51Schmalenbach Journal of Business ResearchSpringerDouble anonymous peer review
52Nordic Studies on Alcohol and DrugsSAGE PublishingDouble anonymous peer review
53Hong Kong Journal of Occupational TherapySAGE Publishing1569-1861Double anonymous peer review
54Indian Heart JournalElsevier0019-4832Double anonymous peer review
55Indian Journal of Psychological MedicineSAGE Publishing0253-7176Double anonymous peer review
56Asian Journal of Atmospheric EnvironmentSpringer1976-6912Anonymous peer review
57Advances in AerodynamicsSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
58Clinical Medicine Insights: Blood DisordersSAGE PublishingAnonymous peer review
59Visual Computing for Industry, Biomedicine, and ArtSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
60Brain Science AdvancesSAGE PublishingAnonymous peer review
61Quantum FrontiersSpringerAnonymous peer review
62Management System EngineeringSpringerAnonymous peer review
63Information Processing in AgricultureElsevierAnonymous peer review
64Asian Review of Political EconomySpringerDouble anonymous peer review
65Living Reviews in Solar PhysicsSpringerAnonymous peer review
66Collagen and LeatherSpringerOpen2097-1419Anonymous peer review
67Journal of Umm Al-Qura University for Applied SciencesSpringerDouble anonymous peer review
68Asian Journal for Mathematics EducationSAGE PublishingDouble anonymous peer review
69PhotoniXSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
70Satellite NavigationSpringerOpen2662-9291Anonymous peer review
71Japanese Dental Science ReviewElsevier1882-7616Double anonymous peer review
72Railway Engineering ScienceSpringerOpen2662-4745Anonymous peer review
73Journal of Leather Science and EngineeringSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
74Intensive Care ResearchSpringerAnonymous peer review
75Journal of Umm Al-Qura University for Engineering and ArchitectureSpringerDouble anonymous peer review
76Autonomous Intelligent SystemsSpringerAnonymous peer review
77Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education ResearchSpringerOpenDouble anonymous peer review
78Built HeritageSpringerOpen2096-3041Double anonymous peer review
79Journal of Engineering and Applied ScienceSpringerOpen1110-1903Anonymous peer review
80Chinese Journal of TraumatologyElsevier1008-1275Anonymous peer review
81International Journal of Coal Science & TechnologySpringerOpen2095-8293Double anonymous peer review
82Computational Visual MediaSpringerOpen2096-0433Peer review
83European Physical Journal C: Particles and FieldsSpringerOpen1434-6044Anonymous peer review
84Living Reviews in RelativitySpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
85Journal of High Energy PhysicsSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
86Water Science and EngineeringElsevier1674-2370Double anonymous peer review
87Journal of Traditional and Complementary MedicineElsevierAnonymous peer review
88Journal of Indian Orthodontic SocietySAGE Publishing0301-5742Double anonymous peer review
89FrictionSpringerOpen2223-7690Anonymous peer review
90Urban Rail TransitSpringerOpen2199-6687Double anonymous peer review
91Carbon NeutralitySpringer2788-8614Anonymous peer review
92Stress BiologySpringerAnonymous peer review
93IHJ Cardiovascular Case ReportsElsevierDouble anonymous peer review
94The Egyptian Journal of BronchologySpringerOpen1687-8426Anonymous peer review
95Investigaciones Europeas de Dirección y Economía de la EmpresaElsevier1135-2523Double anonymous peer review
96Molecular BiomedicineSpringerAnonymous peer review
97Bulletin of the National Research CentreSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
98Research Ethics ReviewSAGE Publishing1747-0161Double anonymous peer review
99Advances in Bridge EngineeringSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review
100Computational Urban ScienceSpringerDouble anonymous peer review
101Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica BElsevier2211-3835Anonymous peer review
102Nuclear Engineering and TechnologyElsevier1738-5733Anonymous peer review
103Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical EngineeringElsevier1674-7755Anonymous peer review
104Journal of OtologyElsevier1672-2930Anonymous peer review
105Rice ScienceElsevier1672-6308Double anonymous peer review
106Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesElsevier1818-0876Anonymous peer review
107Journal of PhysiotherapyElsevier1836-9553Double anonymous peer review
108Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural SciencesElsevierDouble anonymous peer review
109Solid Earth SciencesElsevierAnonymous peer review
110Visual InformaticsElsevierAnonymous peer review