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Open access journals refer to freely accessible, unrestricted online research materials, including journal articles and books. This website will assist you in selecting open access journals by subject. Additionally, it provides a list of the top 40 open access journals indexed in Web of Science and Scopus.

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Top Open Access Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherCiteScoreP-ISSN
13L: Language, Linguistics, LiteraturePenerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia1.81285157
2AACE Clinical Case ReportsElsevier Inc.1.6
3AAS Open ResearchF1000 Research Ltd.2.1
4Abstract and Applied AnalysisHindawi Publishing Corporation1.610853375
5Academic PathologyElsevier Inc.2.2
6AcarologiaLes Amis d'Acarologia1.80044586X
7Acque Sotterranee - Italian Journal of GroundwaterPagePress Publications1.41828454X
8ACR Open RheumatologyJohn Wiley and Sons Inc.4.5
9ACRN Journal of Finance and Risk PerspectivesACRN Oxford Ltd.1.8
10ACS Applied Materials & InterfacesAmerican Chemical Society15.719448244
11ACS Bio and Med Chem AuAmerican Chemical Society2.1
12ACS Central ScienceAmerican Chemical Society24.223747943
13ACS Environmental AuAmerican Chemical Society2.6
14ACS Materials AuAmerican Chemical Society2.6
15ACS Nanoscience AuAmerican Chemical Society1.6
16ACS OmegaAmerican Chemical Society5.9
17Acta AcusticaEDP Sciences2.610224793
18Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica - Section B Soil and Plant ScienceTaylor & Francis3.79064710
19Acta AgrobotanicaPolish Botanical Society3.8650951
20Acta Agronomica Sinica(China)Institute of Crop Sciences (ICS)1.54963490
21Acta AmazonicaInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonica1.8445967
22Acta Biochimica PolonicaPolskie Towarzystwo Biochemiczne3.20001527X
23Acta Biologica ColombianaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia1.30120548X
24Acta Botanica BrasilicaSociedade Botanica do Brasil2.41023306
25Acta Botanica CroaticaUniversity of Zagreb23650588
26Acta Botanica MexicanaInstituto de Ecologia1.51877151
27Acta Chimica SlovenicaSlovenian Chemical Society2.613180207
28Acta Cirurgica BrasileiraSociedade Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento de Pesquisa em Cirurgia2.41028650
29Acta Clinica CroaticaKlinicka Bolnica Sestre Milosrdnice1.33539466
30Acta Colombiana de PsicologiaUniversidad Catolica de Colombia1.21239155
31Acta CommerciiAOSIS (Pty) Ltd1.324131903
32Acta Dermato-VenereologicaMedical Journals/Acta D-V4.615555
33Acta EpileptologicaBioMed Central Ltd.1.420969384
34Acta GymnicaPalacky University2.223364912
35Acta HerpetologicaFirenze University Press1.418279635
36Acta Ichthyologica et PiscatoriaPensoft Publishers21371592
37Acta IMEKOInternational Measurement Confederation (IMEKO)22221870X
38Acta Informatica PragensiaPrague University of Economics and Business1.2
39Acta InnovationsResearch and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia2.6
40Acta Limnologica BrasiliensiaBrazilian Society of Limnology2.51026712