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Open access journals refers to free, unrestricted online access to research such as journal articles and books. This website will help you to choose open access journals subject wise. Moreoever, the top 30 open access journals indexed in Web of Science and Scopus are also listed.

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Top Open Access Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherSubjectE-ISSN
1Journal of the History of the Behavioral SciencesWiley-BlackwellHistory15206696
2Journal of Traumatic StressWiley-BlackwellClinical Psychology15736598
3Journal of Vocational BehaviorElsevierEducation10959084
4Journal of Vocational BehaviorElsevierLife-span and Life-course Studies10959084
5Journal of Vocational BehaviorElsevierOrganizational Behavior and Human Resource Management10959084
6Journal of Vocational BehaviorElsevierApplied Psychology10959084
7Annual Review of PsychologyAnnual Reviews Inc.Psychology (all)15452085
8Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic SciencesNRC Research PressEcology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics12057533
9Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic SciencesNRC Research PressAquatic Science12057533
10Anxiety, Stress and CopingTaylor & FrancisArts and Humanities (miscellaneous)14772205
11Anxiety, Stress and CopingTaylor & FrancisDevelopmental and Educational Psychology14772205
12Anxiety, Stress and CopingTaylor & FrancisClinical Psychology14772205
13Applied Psychological MeasurementSAGESocial Sciences (miscellaneous)15523497
14Applied Psychological MeasurementSAGEPsychology (miscellaneous)15523497
15Applied PsychologyWiley-BlackwellArts and Humanities (miscellaneous)14640597
16Applied PsychologyWiley-BlackwellDevelopmental and Educational Psychology14640597
17Applied PsychologyWiley-BlackwellApplied Psychology14640597
18Legal and Criminological PsychologyWiley-BlackwellPathology and Forensic Medicine20448333
19Legal and Criminological PsychologyWiley-BlackwellApplied Psychology20448333
20Arts in PsychotherapyElsevierHealth Professions (miscellaneous)18735878
21Research in International Business and FinanceElsevierBusiness, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
22Research in International Business and FinanceElsevierFinance
23Media PsychologyTaylor & FrancisCommunication1532785X
24Media PsychologyTaylor & FrancisSocial Psychology1532785X
25Media PsychologyTaylor & FrancisApplied Psychology1532785X
26AssessmentSAGEClinical Psychology15523489
27AssessmentSAGEApplied Psychology15523489
28MemoryTaylor & FrancisArts and Humanities (miscellaneous)14640686
29Memory and CognitionSpringer NatureArts and Humanities (miscellaneous)15325946
30Journal of the American Medical Directors AssociationElsevierNursing (all)15389375