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Publish your research papers in fasttrack mode with fast publishing research journals of Neurology. A Fast publishing journal is a scientific journal that review, process and publish an article in a few months. This web document aims to provide with you a fast Neurology research journals list. Researchers are advised to click on the journal title to know more information like journal ranking, journal indexing, etc;

Fast Publication Neurology Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNReview ProcessPublication Time (In Week)
1Pediatric Neurology BriefsPediatric Neurology Briefs Publishers2166-6482Blind peer review2
2Romanian NeurosurgeryLondon Academic Publishing2344-4959Double blind peer review6
3Türk Beyin Damar Hastalıkları DergisiTurkish Society of Cerebrovascular Diseases2146-9113Peer review8
4Klinik Psikiyatri DergisiANP Publishing2146-7153Double blind peer review8
5NeurosignalsCell Physiol Biochem Press GmbH & Co KG1424-8638Blind peer review10
6Advances in Clinical Neuroscience & RehabilitationWhitehouse Publishing2397-267XPeer review8
7Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders ExtraKarger Publishers1664-5464Blind peer review11
8Nepal Journal of NeuroscienceNESON1813-1956Double blind peer review4
9Romanian Journal of NeurologyAmaltea Medical Publishing House2069-6094Double blind peer review4
10Dementia & NeuropsychologiaAssociação Neurologia Cognitiva e do ComportamentoDouble blind peer review8
11Journal of Neurocritical CareThe Korean Neurocritical Care Society2508-1349Double blind peer review10
12Chinese Neurosurgical JournalBMC2057-4967Blind peer review10
13Russkij Žurnal Detskoj NevrologiiABV-press2412-9178Double blind peer review8
14Nevrologiâ, Nejropsihiatriâ, PsihosomatikaIMA-PRESS LLC2310-1342Double blind peer review6
15Эпилепсия и пароксизмальные состоянияIRBIS LLC2311-4088Double blind peer review8
16Case Reports in Neurological MedicineHindawi Limited2090-6676Blind peer review11
17Headache MedicineSociedade Brasileira de Cefaleia2178-7468Peer review4
18Neurology and TherapyAdis, Springer Healthcare2193-6536Blind peer review6
19Nervno-Myšečnye BolezniABV-press2413-0443Double blind peer review8
20Психіатрія, неврологія та медична психологіяV. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University2411-166XDouble blind peer review11
21Neurology: Neuroimmunology & NeuroinflammationWolters Kluwer2332-7812Blind peer review8
22Caspian Journal of Neurological SciencesGuilan University of Medical Sciences2423-4818Blind peer review8
23Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience & Mental HealthInterOPTICS2585-2795Peer review8
24Brain HemorrhagesKeAi Communications Co., Ltd.2589-238XDouble blind peer review10
25World Neurosurgery: XElsevier2590-1397Blind peer review4
26Bioscientia Medicina: Journal of Biomedicine and Translational ResearchUniversitas Sriwijaya2598-0580Double blind peer review4
27Актуальні проблеми сучасної медициниV.N. Karazin Kharkov National University2617-409XBlind peer review6
28Brain CommunicationsOxford University Press2632-1297Blind peer review6
29Critical Care ExplorationsWolters Kluwer2639-8028Blind peer review8
30Exploration of Neuroprotective TherapyOpen Exploration Publishing Inc.2769-6510Blind peer review9
31Brain and SpineElsevier2772-5294Blind peer review10

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