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This web page aims to provide a latest list of top Anatomy journals. The journals are Web of Science (SCI) indexed with high impact factor. Moreover, the listed journals are UGC CARE approved, Scopus indexed. The journals are sorted based on Scopus SJR score.

Top 110 Anatomy journals

Top Anatomy Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNSJR
1American Journal of Surgical PathologyLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.15320979, 014751852.129
2Human Brain MappingWiley-Liss Inc.10659471, 109701931.719
3Frontiers in NeuroanatomyFrontiers Media S.A.166251291.425
4Brain Structure and FunctionSpringer Verlag18632653, 186326611.257
5American Journal of Physical AnthropologyWiley-Liss Inc.10968644, 000294831.084
6Anatomical Sciences EducationJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.19359772, 193597801.043
7Brain TopographyKluwer Academic/Human Sciences Press Inc.15736792, 089602671.041
8Advances in Anatomic PathologyLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.10724109, 153340310.933
9Journal of AnatomyWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd14697580, 002187820.855
10Journal of Histochemistry and CytochemistryHistochemical Society Inc.00221554, 155150440.81
11American Journal of Human BiologyWiley-Liss Inc.10420533, 152063000.658
12Anatomical RecordJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.19328486, 193284940.608
13Cells Tissues OrgansS. Karger AG14226421, 142264050.577
14Annals of AnatomyElsevier GmbH94096020.553
15Clinical AnatomyWiley-Liss Inc.10982353, 089738060.546
16Microscopy Research and TechniqueWiley-Liss Inc.10970029, 1059910X0.546
17Journal of Functional Morphology and KinesiologyMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)241151420.474
18Anatomical Science InternationalSpringer Nature1447073X, 144769590.404
19Surgical and Radiologic AnatomySpringer Paris09301038, 127985170.354
20International Journal of Surgical PathologySAGE Publications Inc.10668969, 194024650.344
21Folia MorphologicaVia Medica00155659, 164432840.307
22Anatomy and Cell BiologyKorean Association of Anatomists20933673, 209336650.291
23Clinical DysmorphologyLippincott Williams and Wilkins14735717, 096288270.279
24Physical Activity and HealthUbiquity Press251522700.279
25Journal of HistotechnologyManey Publishing01478885, 204602360.27
27Artery ResearchAtlantis Press187293120.246
28MorphologieElsevier Masson s.r.l.128601150.237
29Translational Research in AnatomyElsevier GmbH2214854X0.236
30Comparative Clinical PathologySpringer London1618565X, 161856410.233
31Sudebno-Meditsinskaya EkspertisaMedia Sphera Publishing House3945210.192
32International Journal of MorphologyUniversidad de la Frontera07179502, 071793670.179
33European Journal of AnatomySociedad Anatomica Espanola113648900.172
34SomatechnicsEdinburgh University Press20440146, 204401380.145
35Journal of Morphological SciencesBrazilian Society of Anatomy217702980.127
36Ceskoslovenska PatologieCzech Medical Association J.E. Purkyne18054498, 121078750.122
37Journal of Plastination23117761, 2311777X0.121
38Journal of the Anatomical Society of IndiaAnatomical Society of India327780.121
39Italian Journal of Anatomy and EmbryologyFirenze University Press112267140.112
40Acta Anatomica SinicaChinese Medical Association52913560.103
41Chinese Journal of Anatomy and ClinicsChinese Medical Journals Publishing House Co.Ltd20957041
42Chinese Journal of MicrosurgeryChinese Medical Journals Publishing House Co.Ltd10012036
43EndodontologyWolters Kluwer Medknow Publications25430831, 09707212
44International Journal of Anatomy and ResearchIMED Research Publications23214287, 23218967
45National Journal of Clinical AnatomyWolters Kluwer Medknow Publications23212780, 22774025
46Russian Journal of Forensic MedicineAssociation of Forensic Medical Experts24118729, 24094161

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