List of top History journals

This web page aims to provide a latest list of top History journals. The journals are Web of Science (SCI) indexed with high impact factor. Moreover, the listed journals are UGC CARE approved, Scopus indexed. The journals are sorted based on Scopus SJR score.

Top 110 History journals

Top History Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNSJR
1Psychological BulletinAmerican Psychological Association00332909, 193914557.504
2Psychological MethodsAmerican Psychological Association1082989X, 193914635.295
3Psychological ReviewAmerican Psychological Association19391471, 0033295X4.355
4Journal of EconometricsElsevier BV30440763.523
5Science EducationWiley-Liss Inc.00368326, 1098237X2.962
6Public Opinion QuarterlyOxford University Press0033362X, 153753312.389
7Journal of Economic HistoryCambridge University Press14716372, 002205072.306
8Social ForcesOxford University Press15347605, 003777322.135
9ScienceAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science10959203, 0036807514.589
10PhronesisBrill Academic Publishers00318868, 156852841.911
11Social Science and MedicineElsevier Ltd.18735347, 027795361.806
12Philosophy and Phenomenological ResearchWiley-Blackwell00318205, 193315921.732
13Explorations in Economic HistoryAcademic Press Inc.1449831.631
14Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesWiley-Blackwell17496632, 007789231.52
15Social Studies of ScienceSAGE Publications Ltd14603659, 030631271.466
16Philosophy and TechnologySpringer Netherlands22105433, 221054411.45
17Journal of Archaeological ScienceAcademic Press Inc.03054403, 109592381.438
18Journal of Sex ResearchTaylor and Francis Ltd.00224499, 155985191.421
19Economy and SocietyRoutledge03085147, 146957661.384
20Political GeographyElsevier BV96262981.369
21Economic History ReviewWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd00130117, 146802891.343
22British Journal for the Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of Chicago Press14643537, 000708821.297
23American AntiquityCambridge University Press00027316, 232550641.249
24Philosophy and Public AffairsWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd10884963, 004839151.24
25Theory and SocietySpringer Netherlands15737853, 030424211.227
26Studia Historica SlovenicaHistorical Society Dr. Franca Kovacica in Maribor158081221.136
27CliometricaSpringer Verlag18632513, 186325051.125
28Qualitative ResearchSAGE Publications Ltd146879411.103
29Journal of Anthropological ArchaeologyAcademic Press Inc.02784165, 109026861.086
30European Review of Economic HistoryOxford University Press13614916, 147400441.052
31Journal of SociolinguisticsWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd13606441, 146798411.035
32Tel AvivManey Publishing03344355, 204047861.007
33ArchaeometryWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0003813X, 147547540.871
34Population StudiesUnited Nations Publications00324728, 147747470.861
35Men and MasculinitiesSAGE Publications Inc.1097184X0.848
36Journal of Island and Coastal ArchaeologyRoutledge15561828, 155648940.838
37Science and Technology StudiesThe Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies224346900.83
38Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental ResearchUniversity of Chicago Press21618062, 0003097X0.829
39Journal of Global HistoryCambridge University Press17400228, 174002360.829
40Past and PresentOxford University Press00312746, 1477464X0.828
41New Ideas in PsychologyElsevier BV0732118X0.827
42Journal of Heritage TourismTaylor and Francis Ltd.1743873X, 174766310.819
43Journal of Eastern African StudiesRoutledge17531055, 175310630.816
44William and Mary QuarterlyOmohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture4355970.798
45DementiaSAGE Publications Ltd17412684, 147130120.795
46Irish Journal of Psychological MedicineCambridge University Press79096670.793
47International Journal of Heritage StudiesTaylor and Francis Ltd.14703610, 135272580.791
48Philosophy of ScienceUniversity of Chicago1539767X, 003182480.791
49Journal of Eurasian StudiesHanyang University187936650.768
50EpistemeCambridge University Press174236000.74
51Journal of Archaeological Science: ReportsElsevier BV2352409X0.73
52Journal of Southeast European and Black SeaRoutledge146838570.73
53Studia LogicaSpringer Netherlands15728730, 003932150.723
54Journal of Cultural HeritageElsevier Masson s.r.l.129620740.722
55Science as CultureTaylor and Francis Ltd.95054310.718
56Archival ScienceSpringer Netherlands138901660.714
57Oeconomia CopernicanaInstytut Badan Gospodarczych/Institute of Economic Research (Poland)23531827, 208312770.711
58Latin American Research ReviewLatin American Studies Association00238791, 154242780.684
59LevantManey Publishing00758914, 175638010.679
60Latin American AntiquityCambridge University Press10456635, 232550800.673
61Historical MethodsTaylor and Francis Ltd.19401906, 016154400.651
62Journal of Management DevelopmentEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.26217110.647
63European Journal for Philosophy of ScienceSpringer Netherlands18794920, 187949120.628
64Journal of African ArchaeologyAfrica Magna Verlag161216510.625
65Russian PoliticsBrill Academic Publishers24518913, 245189210.624
66Comparative Legal HistoryTaylor and Francis Ltd.20496788, 2049677X0.619
67Theory and PsychologySAGE Publications Ltd14617447, 095935430.618
68Engineering StudiesTaylor and Francis Ltd.19378629, 194083740.613
69Presidential Studies QuarterlyCenter for the Study of the Presidency36049180.605
70LabourWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd11217081, 146799140.577
72Revista de Pensamiento Estrategico y Seguridad CISDEUnited Academic Journals (UA Journals)252987630.562
73Archaeological ProspectionJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd10990763, 107521960.561
74Journal of Agricultural and Environmental EthicsSpringer Netherlands118778630.559
75Biology and PhilosophySpringer Netherlands15728404, 016938670.553
76Educational Philosophy and TheoryTaylor and Francis Ltd.14695812, 001318570.552
77Political TheorySAGE Publications Inc.00905917, 155274760.548
78International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Social SciencesHipatia Press201436800.542
79Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in MedicineBioMed Central Ltd.174753410.54
80Capital and ClassSAGE Publications Inc.30981680.535
81European Journal of the History of Economic ThoughtRoutledge14695936, 096725670.535
82Near Eastern ArchaeologyUniversity of Chicago Press10942076, 232554040.53
83Middle East CritiqueRoutledge19436149, 194361570.519
84American Museum NovitatesAmerican Museum of Natural History300820.518
85Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part AElsevier Ltd.00393681, 187925100.514
86AnthropologieElsevier Masson s.r.l.355210.507
87Historical ArchaeologySociety for Historical Archaeology44092130.506
88Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, IstoriyaSaint Petersburg State University25419390, 181293230.5
89AlterNativeSAGE Publications Inc.11741740, 117718010.494
90Europe-Asia StudiesRoutledge09668136, 146534270.494
91Archivos de Historia del Movimiento Obrero y la IzquierdaCentro de Estudios Historicos de los Trabajadores y las Izquierdas26839601, 231397490.493
92Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B - Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern PhysicsElsevier Ltd.13552198, 187925020.491
93Journal of Management HistoryEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.17587751, 175113480.49
94European Review of Latin American and Caribbean StudiesCentre for Latin American Research and Documentation/Centro de Estudios y Documentacion Latinoameric18794750, 092406080.483
95Kennedy Institute of Ethics JournalJohns Hopkins University Press10863249, 105468630.477
96Acta HistriaeUniversity of Primorska131801850.474
98History of the FamilyTaylor and Francis Ltd.1081602X0.461
99Journal of Intercultural StudiesTaylor and Francis Ltd.07256868, 146995400.46
100Historical MaterialismBrill Academic Publishers14654466, 1569206X0.456
101Historic Environment: Policy and PracticeManey Publishing17567505, 175675130.456
102Anatolian StudiesCambridge University Press6615460.451
103Jahrbuch der Osterreichischen ByzantinistikAustrian Academy of Sciences1810536X, 037886600.451
104Philosophy of ManagementSpringer International Publishing AG20529597, 174038120.451
105Journal of Asian StudiesCambridge University Press2191180.449
106Journal of the Early RepublicUniversity of Pennsylvania Press27512750.449
107Turkish StudiesRoutledge146838490.444
108Revista de Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic HistoryCambridge University Press20413335, 021261090.436
109Business History ReviewCambridge University Press00076805, 2044768X0.435
110Rossijskaja ArheologijaIzdatel'stvo Nauka86960630.433

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