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This web page aims to provide a latest list of top Law journals. The journals are Web of Science (SCI) indexed with high impact factor. Moreover, the listed journals are UGC CARE approved, Scopus indexed. These journals are sorted based on Scopus SJR score.

Top 100 Law journals

Top Law Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNSJR
1Nature SustainabilityNature Publishing Group239896295.789
2Annual Review of CriminologyAnnual Reviews Inc.257245684.115
3International OrganizationCambridge University Press15315088, 002081833.606
4Journal of Environmental Economics and ManagementAcademic Press Inc.10960449, 009506963.476
5CriminologyWiley-Blackwell17459125, 001113843.396
6Global Environmental ChangeElsevier Ltd.09593780, 187294953.154
7Applied EnergyElsevier BV30626193.062
8Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource EconomistsUniversity of Chicago Press23335963, 233359552.803
9Economic PolicyOxford University Press02664658, 146803272.629
10Review of Environmental Economics and PolicyUniversity of Chicago Press17506824, 175068162.572
11International Journal of Project ManagementElsevier BV26378632.495
12Government Information QuarterlyElsevier Ltd.0740624X2.439
13Journal of Business EthicsSpringer Netherlands15730697, 016745442.438
14Fish and FisheriesWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd14672960, 146729792.242
15Business Strategy and the EnvironmentJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd10990836, 096447332.241
16Oxford Review of Economic PolicyOxford University Press14602121, 0266903X2.24
17Energy PolicyElsevier BV30142152.126
18IEEE Communications Standards MagazineInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.247128252.063
19npj Clean WaterSpringer Nature205970372.036
20Reviews in AquacultureBlackwell Publishing Asia17535131, 175351231.987
21Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental ManagementJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd15353958, 153539661.945
22Current Environmental Health ReportsSpringer International Publishing AG219654121.935
23Food PolicyElsevier BV30691921.926
24Policy Studies JournalWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd0190292X, 154100721.924
25Accident Analysis and PreventionElsevier Ltd.18792057, 000145751.91
26International SecurityMIT Press Journals15314804, 016228891.91
27Landscape and Urban PlanningElsevier16920461.908
28Weather and Climate ExtremesElsevier BV221209471.849
29International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoinformationElsevier156984321.844
30Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: WaterJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.204919481.839
31Crime ScienceSpringerOpen219376801.777
32Sustainability ScienceSpringer Japan18624065, 186240571.775
33Ecosystem ServicesElsevier BV221204161.749
34Transport PolicyElsevier Ltd.1879310X, 0967070X1.732
35Higher EducationSpringer Netherlands00181560, 1573174X1.729
36Justice QuarterlyTaylor and Francis Ltd.17459109, 074188251.729
37Computers and SecurityElsevier Ltd.16740481.726
38Reviews in Fisheries Science and AquacultureTaylor and Francis Ltd.23308249, 233082571.695
39Telematics and InformaticsElsevier Ltd.73658531.69
40Environmental Science and PolicyElsevier BV18736416, 146290111.683
41Policy SciencesSpringer Netherlands00322687, 157308911.661
42Climate PolicyTaylor and Francis Ltd.14693062, 175274571.654
43Land Use PolicyElsevier Ltd.26483771.635
44Criminology and Public PolicyWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17459133, 153864731.618
45Journal of Quantitative CriminologySpringer New York07484518, 157377991.612
46Journal of Law and EconomicsUniversity of Chicago15375285, 002221861.598
47Global SustainabilityCambridge University Press205947981.581
48Journal of Air Transport ManagementElsevier Ltd.96969971.556
49Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation253006441.539
50Social Science Computer ReviewSAGE Publications Inc.15528286, 089443931.503
51Journal of Environmental ManagementAcademic Press Inc.10958630, 030147971.481
52Youth Violence and Juvenile JusticeSAGE Publications Inc.154120401.463
53Resources PolicyElsevier Ltd.30142071.461
54European Journal of Psychology Applied to Legal ContextSociedad Espanola de Psicologia Juridica y Forense19894007, 188918611.455
55Energy for Sustainable DevelopmentElsevier97308261.44
56American Journal of Criminal JusticeSpringer New York10662316, 193613511.42
57Environmental and Resource EconomicsSpringer Netherlands09246460, 157315021.416
58Current Pollution ReportsSpringer International Publishing AG219865921.415
59Journal of International Economic LawOxford University Press14643758, 136930341.36
60Journal of Criminal JusticeElsevier BV4723521.359
61Global Environmental PoliticsMIT Press Journals152638001.329
62Biotechnology for BiofuelsBioMed Central Ltd.175468341.326
63Artificial Intelligence and LawSpringer Netherlands09248463, 157283821.316
64Climate Risk ManagementElsevier BV221209631.294
65Regulation and GovernanceWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17485983, 174859911.293
66Policy and PoliticsPolicy Press03055736, 147084421.278
67Carbon Balance and ManagementBioMed Central Ltd.175006801.274
68Punishment and SocietySAGE Publications Ltd17413095, 146247451.258
69International Journal of Health Policy and ManagementKerman University of Medical Sciences232259391.251
70International TheoryCambridge University Press17529727, 175297191.238
71Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable ChemistryElsevier BV245222361.237
72Theoretical CriminologySAGE Publications Ltd14617439, 136248061.233
73Environmental EvidenceBioMed Central Ltd.204723821.231
74International Review of Environmental and Resource EconomicsNow Publishers Inc19321465, 193214731.231
75Forensic Science International: Digital InvestigationElsevier Ltd.26662817, 266628251.23
76Journal of Experimental CriminologySpringer Netherlands157337501.225
77Environmental Sciences: Processes and ImpactsRoyal Society of Chemistry20507887, 205078951.205
78Telecommunications PolicyElsevier Ltd.30859611.203
79GeoHealthJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.247114031.178
80IEEE Security and PrivacyInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.15584046, 154079931.175
81Marine PolicyElsevier Ltd.0308597X1.166
82Journal of Social PolicyCambridge University Press14697823, 004727941.163
83Journal of Law and the BiosciencesOxford University Press205397111.144
84Ecosystems and PeopleTaylor and Francis Ltd.26395908, 263959161.143
85Police QuarterlySAGE Publications Inc.10986111, 1552745X1.139
86Computer Law and Security ReviewElsevier Ltd.26736491.138
87Journal of Contingencies and Crisis ManagementWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd14685973, 096608791.138
88European Constitutional Law ReviewCambridge University Press157401961.124
89Journal of Law, Economics, and OrganizationOxford University Press14657341, 875662221.124
90Environment and Planning C: Politics and SpaceSAGE Publications Ltd23996552, 239965441.121
91American Journal of International LawCambridge University Press293001.11
92Forest Ecology and ManagementElsevier37811271.107
93Handbook of Environmental EconomicsElsevier157400991.106
94International Journal of Disaster Risk ScienceSpringer Science + Business Media21926395, 209500551.101
95Crime and DelinquencySAGE Publications Inc.1552387X, 001112871.093
96Maritime Policy and ManagementTaylor and Francis Ltd.30888391.071
97Criminal Justice and BehaviorSAGE Publications Inc.15523594, 009385481.069
98International Journal of Greenhouse Gas ControlElsevier175058361.067
99Forest Policy and EconomicsElsevier138993411.057
100Advances in Climate Change ResearchScience Press167492781.054

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