List of top Pollution journals

This web page aims to provide a latest list of top Pollution journals. The journals are Web of Science (SCI) indexed with high impact factor. Moreover, the listed journals are UGC CARE approved, Scopus indexed. The journals are sorted based on Scopus SJR score.

Top 110 Pollution journals

Top Pollution Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNSJR
1Nature Reviews Earth and EnvironmentSpringer Nature Switzerland AG2662138X6.193
2Water ResearchElsevier Ltd.00431354, 187924483.338
3Environmental Science and Technology LettersAmerican Chemical Society232889302.909
4Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and TechnologyTaylor and Francis Ltd.15476537, 106433892.899
5Journal of Hazardous MaterialsElsevier30438942.57
6Reviews in Environmental Science and BiotechnologySpringer Netherlands15691705, 157298262.41
7Resources, Environment and SustainabilityElsevier BV266691612.306
8Environmental PollutionElsevier Ltd.02697491, 187364242.11
9Water Research XElsevier Ltd.258991472.056
10Energy and Environmental ScienceRoyal Society of Chemistry17545692, 1754570612.306
11BiocharSpringer Science and Business Media B.V.252478671.966
12Green ChemistryRoyal Society of Chemistry14639262, 146392701.959
13Science of the Total EnvironmentElsevier00489697, 187910261.946
14npj Clean WaterSpringer Nature205970371.888
15ChemosphereElsevier Ltd.4565351.727
16Current Pollution ReportsSpringer International Publishing AG219865921.619
17Marine Pollution BulletinElsevier Inc.0025326X, 187933631.49
18Exposure and HealthSpringer Netherlands24519766, 245196851.467
19Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental EpidemiologyNature Publishing Group1559064X, 155906311.415
20Journal of Hazardous Materials LettersElsevier BV266691101.35
21Ecotoxicology and Environmental SafetyAcademic Press Inc.01476513, 109024141.348
22Environmental Sciences EuropeSpringer Verlag21904707, 219047151.227
23GeoHealthJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.247114031.227
24Issues in EcologyEcological Society of America109289871.213
25Journal of Environmental Chemical EngineeringElsevier BV221334371.198
26Journal of Transport and HealthElsevier BV221414051.05
27Aerosol Science and TechnologyTaylor and Francis Ltd.15217388, 027868261.014
28International Journal of Greenhouse Gas ControlElsevier175058360.989
29Environmental EvidenceBioMed Central Ltd.204723820.967
30Journal of Aerosol ScienceElsevier Ltd.18791964, 002185020.966
31Atmospheric Pollution ResearchTurkish National Committee for Air Pollution Research (TUNCAP)130910420.958
32Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring and ManagementElsevier BV221515320.958
33Environmental Science and Pollution ResearchSpringer Science + Business Media09441344, 161474990.944
34Human and Ecological Risk Assessment (HERA)Taylor and Francis Ltd.10807039, 154978600.925
35Soil Use and ManagementWiley-Blackwell14752743, 026600320.918
36Environmental EpidemiologyWolters Kluwer Health247478820.906
37Reviews on Environmental HealthWalter de Gruyter GmbH00487554, 219103080.897
38Environmental Technology ReviewsTaylor and Francis Ltd.21622523, 216225150.893
39Archives of Environmental Contamination and ToxicologySpringer New York14320703, 009043410.886
40Environmental ConservationCambridge University Press03768929, 146943870.878
41Applied GeochemistryElsevier Ltd.88329270.871
42Waste Management and ResearchSAGE Publications Ltd0734242X, 109636690.866
43Air Quality, Atmosphere and HealthSpringer Netherlands18739326, 187393180.865
44Marine Environmental ResearchElsevier BV18790291, 014111360.865
45Sustainable Environment ResearchChinese Institute of Environmental Engineering (CIEnvE)246820390.865
46Environmental ManagementSpringer New York0364152X, 143210090.862
47International Journal of Environmental Research and Public HealthMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)16617827, 166046010.828
48Aerosol and Air Quality ResearchAAGR Aerosol and Air Quality Research20711409, 168085840.821
49Journal of Environmental QualityJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.00472425, 153725370.803
50Environmental ProcessesSpringer Science + Business Media21987505, 219874910.801
51Sustainable Chemistry and PharmacyElsevier BV235255410.773
52Environmental Science: AtmospheresRoyal Society of Chemistry263436060.76
53Frontiers in ClimateFrontiers Media S.A.262495530.759
54Environmental ChallengesElsevier BV266701000.749
55Advances in Science and ResearchCopernicus GmbH19920636, 199206280.703
56Journal of Environmental RadioactivityElsevier Ltd.18791700, 0265931X0.693
57BiodegradationSpringer Netherlands09239820, 157297290.677
58Water Environment ResearchWater Environment Federation10614303, 155475310.668
59Journal of the Air and Waste Management AssociationTaylor and Francis Ltd.10962247, 216229060.66
60Journal of Environmental Health Science and EngineeringSpringer International Publishing AG2052336X0.641
61Environmental Monitoring and AssessmentSpringer Netherlands01676369, 157329590.626
62Environmental Earth SciencesSpringer Verlag18666299, 186662800.599
63Journal of Chemical Technology and BiotechnologyJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd02682575, 109746600.599
64Advances in MeteorologyHindawi Limited16879317, 168793090.598
65International Journal of Energy for a Clean EnvironmentBegell House Inc.2150363X, 215036210.597
66International Journal of PhytoremediationTaylor and Francis Ltd.15497879, 152265140.597
67Advances in Airline EconomicsEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.221216090.586
68Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and ToxicologySpringer New York00074861, 143208000.572
69International Journal of Environmental Health ResearchTaylor and Francis Ltd.09603123, 136916190.561
70Global Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementGJESM Publication23833866, 238335720.555
71Water, Air, and Soil PollutionSpringer Netherlands00496979, 157329320.545
72Water Resources ProtectionHohai University100469330.54
73Soil and Sediment ContaminationTaylor and Francis Ltd.15497887, 153203830.524
74Emission Control Science and TechnologySpringer International Publishing AG21993629, 219936370.515
75Aqua Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and SocietyIWA Publishing27098028, 270980360.512
76Journal of Sustainable MiningCentral Mining Institute23003960, 254349500.502
77Environmental Health InsightsSAGE Publications Inc.117863020.498
78Water ScienceTaylor and Francis Ltd.23570008, 111049290.498
79Journal of Health and PollutionPure Earth215696140.491
80Environmental Engineering ScienceMary Ann Liebert Inc.109287580.462
81Water and Environment JournalWiley-Blackwell174765850.454
82RemediationJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.10515658, 152068310.44
83Hupo Kexue/Journal of Lake SciencesScience Press100354270.42
84Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part B Pesticides, Food Contaminants, and Agricultural WastesTaylor and Francis Ltd.03601234, 153241090.407
85Clean - Soil, Air, WaterWiley-VCH Verlag186306500.403
86Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for DevelopmentIWA Publishing204390830.403
87Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistrySpringer Netherlands15882780, 023657310.379
88Advances in Chemical Pollution, Environmental Management and ProtectionElsevier BV24689270, 246892890.372
89Process Integration and Optimization for SustainabilitySpringer Nature Switzerland AG25094246, 250942380.371
90Boreal Environment ResearchFinnish Environment Institute123960950.369
91International Journal of Environmental StudiesTaylor and Francis Ltd.00207233, 102904000.366
92International Journal of Environmental Analytical ChemistryTaylor and Francis Ltd.10290397, 030673190.353
93Green MaterialsICE Publishing20491220, 204912390.35
94Toxicological and Environmental ChemistryTaylor and Francis Ltd.27722480.329
95Journal of Water and Environment TechnologyJapan Society on Water Environment134821650.32
96Aerosol Science and EngineeringSpringer Nature Switzerland AG2510375X, 251037680.301
97Environmental Quality ManagementJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.15206483, 108819130.291
98Environmental and Socio-Economic StudiesDe Gruyter Open Ltd.235400790.278
99Waste Disposal and Sustainable EnergySpringer Nature25247891, 252479800.274
100Geosystem EngineeringTaylor and Francis Ltd.21663394, 122693280.269
101Desalination and Water TreatmentDesalination Publications19443994, 194439860.267
102Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric EnvironmentKorean Society for Atmospheric Environment15987132, 238353460.264
103Atmospheric and Oceanic OpticsPleiades Publishing10248560, 207003930.258
104Gigiena i sanitariiaF.F. Erisman Federal Research Center for Hygiene24120650, 001699000.257
105Clean Air JournalNational Association of Clean Air2410972X, 101717030.254
106Drinking Water Engineering and ScienceCopernicus Publications19969465, 199694570.252
107Journal of Environmental Protection and EcologyScibulcom Ltd.131150650.249
108Environmental Research, Engineering and ManagementKaunas University of Technology20292139, 139216490.248
109SAE Technical PapersSAE International26883627, 014871910.24
110Environmental Engineering and Management JournalGh. Asachi Technical University of Iasi158295960.237

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