List of top Surgery journals

This web page aims to provide a latest list of top Surgery journals. The journals are Web of Science (SCI) indexed with high impact factor. Moreover, the listed journals are UGC CARE approved, Scopus indexed. The journals are sorted based on Scopus SJR score.

Top 110 Surgery journals

Top Surgery Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNSJR
1JAMA SurgeryAmerican Medical Association21686262, 216862543.623
2Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and PsychiatryBMJ Publishing Group1468330X, 002230503.178
3Annals of SurgeryLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.15281140, 000349322.951
4Journal of Heart and Lung TransplantationElsevier USA15573117, 105324982.71
5European urology oncologyElsevier BV258893112.597
6International Journal of SurgeryElsevier BV17439191, 174391592.597
7Bone and Joint JournalBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery20494408, 204943942.149
8British Journal of SurgeryOxford University Press00071323, 136521682.108
9American Journal of Surgical PathologyLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.15320979, 014751852.064
10Journal of Vascular SurgeryMosby Inc.10976809, 074152142.027
11Journal of NeuroInterventional SurgeryBMJ Publishing Group17598486, 175984782.01
12Journal of Bone and Joint SurgeryLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.15351386, 002193551.996
13Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryMosby Inc.00225223, 1097685X1.876
14JAMA Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryAmerican Medical Association2168619X, 216861811.835
15Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, ArthroscopySpringer Verlag09422056, 143373471.789
16World Journal of Emergency SurgeryBioMed Central Ltd.174979221.712
17Clinical Oral Implants ResearchBlackwell Munksgaard16000501, 090571611.691
18Foot and Ankle InternationalSAGE Publications Inc.107110071.672
19Journal of Shoulder and Elbow SurgeryMosby Inc.15326500, 105827461.666
20Acta OrthopaedicaMedical Journals Sweden AB17453682, 174536741.612
21Bone and Joint ResearchBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery204637581.607
22Spine JournalElsevier Inc.15299430, 187816321.562
23Liver TransplantationJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd15276465, 152764731.548
24Journal of the American College of SurgeonsLippincott Williams and Wilkins18791190, 107275151.534
25Bone and Joint OpenBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery263314621.419
26JBJS Open AccessLippincott Williams and Wilkins247272451.385
27Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related ResearchWiley-Blackwell152308991.382
28Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.15294242, 003210521.353
29Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgerySAGE Publications Inc.10976817, 019459981.348
30European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular SurgeryW.B. Saunders Ltd15322165, 107858841.341
31EFORT Open ReviewsBritish Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery20585241, 239675441.325
32Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, TheLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.19405480, 1067151X1.323
33Annals of Thoracic SurgeryElsevier USA15526259, 000349751.276
34Oral OncologyElsevier Ltd.18790593, 136883751.271
35BreastChurchill Livingstone15323080, 096097761.269
36Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial SurgeryChurchill Livingstone18784119, 101051821.263
37NeurosurgeryWolters Kluwer Medknow Publications15244040, 0148396X1.221
38Surgery for Obesity and Related DiseasesElsevier Inc.155072891.219
39Aesthetic Surgery JournalOxford University Press1090820X, 1527330X1.2
40Journal of Neurosurgery: SpineAmerican Association of Neurological Surgeons15475646, 154756541.192
41Neurosurgical FocusAmerican Association of Neurological Surgeons109206841.188
42Clinical Orthopaedics and Related ResearchSpringer New York15281132, 0009921X1.186
43European Journal of Cardio-thoracic SurgeryElsevier1873734X, 101079401.183
44Knee Surgery and Related ResearchBioMed Central Ltd.22340726, 223424511.183
45Clinical NeurosurgeryLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.26317117, 006948271.18
46SurgeryMosby Inc.15327361, 003960601.16
47Transplantation ReviewsW.B. Saunders Ltd0955470X1.158
48Journal of Prosthetic DentistryMosby Inc.00223913, 109768411.154
49BJS openOxford University Press247498421.149
50Journal of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryDecker Publishing19160216, 191602081.142
51Journal of NeurosurgeryAmerican Association of Neurological Surgeons19330693, 002230851.138
52Annals of Surgical OncologySpringer New York10689265, 153446811.133
53Obesity SurgerySpringer New York09608923, 170804281.127
54Surgical Endoscopy and Other Interventional TechniquesSpringer New York14322218, 093027941.124
55Scandinavian Journal of SurgerySAGE Publications Inc.17997267, 145749691.115
56Journal of Endovascular TherapySAGE Publications Inc.15451550, 152660281.114
57Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma SurgerySpringer Verlag14343916, 093680511.113
58Journal of Trauma and Acute Care SurgeryLippincott Williams and Wilkins21630755, 216307631.11
59Dental TraumatologyBlackwell Munksgaard16009657, 160044691.103
60European Journal of Surgical OncologyW.B. Saunders Ltd15322157, 074879831.097
61Journal of Hand SurgeryW.B. Saunders Ltd03635023, 153165641.093
62Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Surgery and ResearchElsevier Masson s.r.l.187705681.081
63Journal of Spine SurgeryAME Publishing Company2414469X, 241446301.061
64Neuro-Oncology AdvancesOxford University Press263224981.052
65Annals of Gastroenterological SurgeryWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd247503281.043
66Global Spine JournalSAGE Publications Inc.21925682, 219256901.043
67Journal of Orthopaedic TraumaLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.08905339, 153122911.043
68Journal of Reconstructive MicrosurgeryThieme Medical Publishers Inc.0743684X, 109889471.005
69Journal of Knee SurgeryThieme Medical Publishers19382480, 153885061
70Journal of Prosthodontic ResearchJapan Prosthodontic Society22124632, 188319580.996
71Asian Spine JournalKorean Society of Spine Surgery19767846, 197619020.992
72International OrthopaedicsSpringer Verlag14325195, 034126950.988
73Journal of Gastrointestinal SurgerySpringer New York1091255X, 187346260.97
74International Journal of Clinical OncologySpringer Japan13419625, 143777720.968
75Orthodontics and Craniofacial ResearchWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd16016335, 160163430.965
76NeurospineKorean Spinal Neurosurgery Society25866583, 258665910.958
77European Spine JournalSpringer Verlag09406719, 143209320.942
78Journal of Orthopaedics and TraumatologySpringer-Verlag Italia Srl15909921, 159099990.941
79International Journal of Oral ImplantologyQuintessence Publishing Company26316420, 263164390.937
80Journal of Surgical EducationElsevier Inc.193172040.935
81Clinical and Experimental OtorhinolaryngologyKorean Society of Otolaryngology19768710, 200507200.934
82Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic DisordersElsevier Inc.2213333X, 221333480.93
83Burns and TraumaOxford University Press23213868, 232138760.928
84Hernia : the journal of hernias and abdominal wall surgerySpringer Paris12654906, 124892040.925
85Implant DentistryLippincott Williams and Wilkins Ltd.10566163, 153829820.922
86JBJS ReviewsJournal of Bone and Joint Surgery Inc.232991850.913
87Clinics in Orthopedic SurgeryKorean Orthopaedic Association20054408, 2005291X0.904
88Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic SciencesWiley-Blackwell18686982, 186869740.903
89World Journal of SurgerySpringer New York03642313, 143223230.902
90International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryChurchill Livingstone90150270.884
91Pediatric Cardiac Surgery AnnualW.B. Saunders Ltd10929126, 187646650.879
92Journal of Hand Surgery: European VolumeSAGE Publications Ltd20436289, 175319340.874
93Journal of Pediatric SurgeryW.B. Saunders Ltd00223468, 153150370.873
94Neurosurgery Clinics of North AmericaW.B. Saunders Ltd15581349, 104236800.87
95American Journal of SurgeryElsevier Inc.00029610, 187918830.85
96Musculoskeletal SurgerySpringer Verlag20355114, 203551060.837
97Journal of Surgical OncologyWiley-Liss Inc.10969098, 002247900.836
98International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgerySpringer Verlag18616410, 186164290.831
99Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic SurgeryChurchill Livingstone174868150.826
100Clinics in Plastic SurgeryW.B. Saunders Ltd00941298, 155805040.82
101Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic MedicineMary Ann Liebert Inc.26893622, 268936140.818
102Foot and Ankle ClinicsW.B. Saunders Ltd15581934, 108375150.815
103Techniques in ColoproctologySpringer-Verlag Italia Srl1128045X, 112363370.815
104Digestive SurgeryS. Karger AG14219883, 025348860.813
105Journal of Neurosurgery: PediatricsAmerican Association of Neurological Surgeons19330707, 193307150.812
106Arthroplasty TodayElsevier Inc.235234410.808
107MicrosurgeryWiley-Liss Inc.10982752, 073810850.808
108Neurosurgical ReviewSpringer Verlag03445607, 143723200.808
109Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovascular SurgeryW.B. Saunders Ltd15329488, 104306790.802
110Breast CareS. Karger AG16613791, 166138050.798

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