List of top Horticulture journals

This web page aims to provide a latest list of top Horticulture journals. The journals are Web of Science (SCI) indexed with high impact factor. Moreover, the listed journals are UGC CARE approved, Scopus indexed. The journals are sorted based on Scopus SJR score.

Top 110 Horticulture journals

Top Horticulture Journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNSJR
1Horticulture ResearchOxford University Press26626810, 205272761.805
2Plants People PlanetWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd257226111.611
3Computers and Electronics in AgricultureElsevier16816991.587
4Postharvest Biology and TechnologyElsevier92552141.282
5Annals of Agricultural SciencesFaculty of Agriculture, Ain-Shams University57017830.984
6Frontiers in Sustainable Food SystemsFrontiers Media S.A.2571581X0.879
7Scientia HorticulturaeElsevier30442380.838
8Journal of Stored Products ResearchElsevier Ltd.0022474X0.724
9Plant PathologyWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd00320862, 136530590.718
10PhytochemistryElsevier Ltd.00319422, 187337000.687
11Plant Health ProgressPlant Management Network153510250.577
12Australian Journal of Grape and Wine ResearchWiley-Blackwell13227130, 175502380.576
13Journal of Wine EconomicsCambridge University Press1931437X, 193143610.569
14Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ CultureSpringer Netherlands15735044, 016768570.554
15Tree Genetics and GenomesSpringer Verlag16142942, 161429500.544
16Journal of Environmental HorticultureHorticultural Research Institute25735586, 073828980.529
17European Journal of Plant PathologySpringer Netherlands09291873, 157384690.528
18Oeno OneInternational Viticulture and Enology Society249412710.525
19Annual Plant Reviews OnlineJohn Wiley and Sons Inc.263938320.516
20EuphyticaSpringer Netherlands15735060, 001423360.504
21Journal of the American Society for Horticultural ScienceAmerican Society for Horticultural Science310620.49
22HorticulturaeMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)231175240.487
23Horticulture Environment and BiotechnologySpringer Science + Business Media22113460, 221134520.481
24Phytopathologia MediterraneaFirenze University Press00319465, 159320950.455
25Economic BotanySpringer New York00130001, 187493640.448
26Hortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural ScienceAmerican Society for Horticultural Science00185345, 232798340.435
27American Journal of Enology and ViticultureAmerican Society for Enology and Viticulture292540.434
28Journal of Plant Diseases and ProtectionSpringer International Publishing AG18613829, 186138370.419
29AgriEngineeringMDPI AG262474020.418
30Urban Agriculture and Regional Food SystemsJohn Wiley and Sons Ltd257512200.409
31BradleyaBritish Cactus and Succulent Society0265086X0.401
32Journal of Horticultural Science and BiotechnologyTaylor and Francis Ltd.146203160.398
33Biological Agriculture and HorticultureTaylor and Francis Ltd.01448765, 216506160.395
34International Journal of Fruit ScienceTaylor and Francis Ltd.155383620.391
35Folia HorticulturaeDe Gruyter Open Ltd.08671761, 208359650.378
36HortTechnologyAmerican Society for Horticultural Science19437714, 106301980.364
37Biologia PlantarumSpringer Netherlands15738264, 000631340.36
38Horticulture JournalJapanese Society for Horticultural Science21890102, 218901100.354
39International Journal of Horticultural Science and TechnologyUniversity of Tehran, College of Aburaihan25883143, 232214610.349
40Journal of Berry ResearchIOS Press BV18785093, 187851230.331
41Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-NapocaAcademic Press Inc.0255965X, 184243090.33
42Revista Chapingo, Serie HorticulturaUniversidad Autonoma Chapingo20074034, 1027152X0.33
43Canadian Journal of Plant ScienceAgricultural Institute of Canada00084220, 191818330.327
44Journal of Wine ResearchRoutledge09571264, 146996720.314
45Sabrao Journal of Breeding and GeneticsSociety for the Advancement of Breeding Researches in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO)102970730.312
46EPPO BulletinWiley-Blackwell02508052, 136523380.303
47Vitis - Journal of Grapevine ResearchBundesanstalt fur Zuchtungsforschung an Kulturpflanzen4275000.295
48Indian Journal of Agricultural ResearchAgricultural Research Communication Centre03678245, 0976058X0.293
49New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural ScienceTaylor and Francis Ltd.11406710.291
50Horticultural ScienceCzech Academy of Agricultural Sciences0862867X0.289
51Horticultura BrasileiraSociedade de Olericultura do Brasil18069991, 010205360.286
52Iraqi Journal of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of Baghdad, College of Agriculture00750530, 241008620.279
53AgricultureWalter de Gruyter GmbH13384376, 055136770.278
54South African Journal of Enology and ViticultureSouth African Society for Enology and Viticulture0253939X0.278
55Horticultural Science and TechnologyKorean Society for Horticultural Science24658588, 122687630.275
56Erwerbs-ObstbauSpringer Verlag00140309, 143903020.272
57Revista Iberoamericana de Viticultura Agroindustria y RuralidadInstitute of Advanced Studies, University of Santiago de Chile71949940.268
58RhodoraAllen Press Inc.3549020.256
59European Journal of Horticultural ScienceVerlag Eugen Ulmer161144260.249
60Ornamental HorticultureBrazilian Society of Floriculture and Ornamental Plants2447536X0.241
61Journal of Horticultural ResearchSciendo23005009, 235339780.24
62Revista Ciencia AgronomicaUniversidade Federal do Ceara00456888, 180666900.237
63Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomia MedellinUniversidad Nacional de Colombia03042847, 224870260.237
64Seed Science and TechnologyInternational Seed Testing Association25109520.237
65Acta Horticulturae SinicaEditorial Office of Horticultural Plant Journal0513353X0.233
66Acta Scientiarum Polonorum, Hortorum CultusWydawnictwo Akad Rolniczej W Lublinie164406920.222
67Basrah Journal of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of Basrah, College of Agriculture18145868, 252008600.216
68RodriguesiaRio de Janeiro Botanical Garden03706583, 217578600.216
69New Zealand Plant ProtectionNew Zealand Plant Protection Society117590030.212
70Mitteilungen KlosterneuburgHohere Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt fur Wein- und Obstbau759220.208
71Advances in Horticultural ScienceUniversity of Florence15921573, 039461690.202
72Journal of the Professional Association for Cactus DevelopmentProfessional Assoc. Cactus Development1938663X0.2
73Landscape HistoryTaylor and Francis Ltd.01433768, 216025060.194
74Indian Journal of HorticultureIndian Academy of Horticultural Sciences09740112, 097285380.191
75Ciencia e Tecnica VitivinicolaInstituto Nacional de Investigacao Agraria e das Pescas25402230.187
76Journal of Fruit ScienceChinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences100999800.184
77FruitsEDP Sciences1625967X, 024812940.182
78ITEA Informacion Tecnica Economica AgrariaAsociacion Interprofesional para el Desarrollo Agrario169968870.179
79Notulae Scientia BiologicaeHorticulture and Forestry Society from Transylvania206732640.177
80Agrarforschung SchweizRecherche agronomique suisse16637909, 166378520.173
81Fruit Growing ResearchResearch institute of Fruit Growing PITESTI23443723, 228603040.172
82Italus HortusSocieta di Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana112734960.171
83LandtechnikKuratorium fur Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft e.V. (KTBL)2380820.162
84Journal of Applied HorticultureSociety for Advancement of Horticulture97210450.159
85Revista Fitotecnia MexicanaSociedad Mexicana de Fitogenetica18773800.156
86Acta HorticulturaeInternational Society for Horticultural Science56775720.149
87Gayana - BotanicaUniversidad de Concepcion00165301, 071766430.149
88Journal of Food LegumesIndian Society of Pulses Research and Development09762434, 097063800.148
89Arab Journal of Plant ProtectionArab Society for Plant Protection24125407, 0255982X0.145
90Journal of the American Pomological SocietyAmerican Pomological Society152737410.142
91Journal of Aridland AgricultureTathQeef Scientific Publishing245593770.137
92Ratarstvo i PovrtarstvoInstitute of Field and Vegetable Crops18213944, 221783920.132
93Agricultural Research JournalPunjab Agricultural University2395146X, 239514350.129
94Revista de Investigaciones AgropecuariasInstituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria03258718, 166923140.128
95Journal of Horticultural SciencesSociety for Promotion of Horticulture0973354X, 258248990.121
96Journal of Bamboo and RattanKerala Forestry Research Institute15691586, 156915940.108
97Horticultural ReviewsAVI Pub. Co1637851

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