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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Artificial Intelligence journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Artificial Intelligence journals

list of Artificial Intelligence journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1International Journal of Fuzzy SystemsSpringer Nature219932111
2Multidimensional Systems and Signal ProcessingSpringer Nature157308242
4Cognitive PsychologyElsevier109556232
5Cognitive ScienceWiley-Blackwell155167092
6Cognitive Systems ResearchElsevier2
7Cybernetics and SystemsTaylor & Francis108765533
8Journal of Intelligent SystemsWalter de Gruyter2191026X3
9Physics of Life ReviewsElsevier187314571
10Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical SciencesPolish Academy of Sciences230019173
11Artificial Intelligence and LawSpringer Nature157283821
12IEICE Transactions on Information and SystemsMaruzen Co., Ltd/Maruzen Kabushikikaisha174513614
13Information SciencesElsevier1
14Journal of Consciousness StudiesImprint Academic205122013
15Microprocessors and MicrosystemsElsevier3
16International Journal of Information ManagementElsevier1
17Knowledge and Information SystemsSpringer Nature21931162
18Autonomous RobotsSpringer Nature157375271
19International Journal of Robotics ResearchSAGE174131761
20Jiqiren/RobotZhongguo Kexueyuan3
21Integrated Computer-Aided EngineeringIOS Press187588351
22International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge EngineeringWorld Scientific3
23Journal of SchedulingSpringer Nature2
24Journal of Machine Learning ResearchMIT Press153379281
25Journal of Memory and LanguageElsevier109608211
26Journal of the ACMACM1557735X2
27AI and SocietySpringer Nature143556553
28AI CommunicationsIOS Press2
29AI MagazineAmerican Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Press2
30Adaptive BehaviorSAGE174126333
31Advanced Engineering InformaticsElsevier1
32Annals of Mathematics and Artificial IntelligenceSpringer Nature157374703
33Applied Artificial IntelligenceTaylor & Francis108765453
34Applied IntelligenceSpringer Nature157374971
35Artificial IntelligenceElsevier1
36Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing: AIEDAMCambridge University Press146917603
37Computational IntelligenceWiley-Blackwell146786403
38Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy SystemsIOS Press187589673
39Artificial Intelligence in MedicineElsevier187328601
40Artificial Intelligence ReviewSpringer Nature157374621
41Artificial LifeMIT Press153091853
42Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent SystemsSpringer Nature157374542
43Connection ScienceTaylor & Francis136004943
44ConstraintsSpringer Nature157293542
45Engineering Applications of Artificial IntelligenceElsevier1
46Expert SystemsWiley-Blackwell146803942
47Expert Systems with ApplicationsElsevier1
48Fuzzy Optimization and Decision MakingSpringer Nature157329081
49IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy SystemsIEEE1
50IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine IntelligenceIEEE1
51Inteligencia ArtificialAsociacion Espanola de Inteligencia Artificial4
52International Journal of Approximate ReasoningElsevier187347311
53International Journal of Intelligent SystemsWiley-Blackwell1098111X1
54Digital Signal Processing: A Review JournalElsevier109543332
55International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial IntelligenceWorld Scientific3
56International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowlege-Based SystemsWorld Scientific3
57Journal of Artificial Intelligence ResearchElsevier1
58Journal of Automated ReasoningSpringer Nature157306702
59Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial IntelligenceTaylor & Francis136230792
60Journal of HeuristicsSpringer Nature157293972
61Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems: Theory and ApplicationsSpringer Nature157304092
62Journal of Intelligent Information SystemsSpringer Nature157376752
63Journal of Intelligent ManufacturingSpringer Nature157281451
64KybernetikaAkademie Ved Ceske Republiky1805949X4
65Knowledge-Based SystemsElsevier1
66Knowledge Engineering ReviewCambridge University Press146980052
67Machine LearningSpringer Nature157305652
68Minds and MachinesSpringer Nature157286412
69Neural Computing and ApplicationsSpringer Nature143330581
70Neural Network WorldCzech Academy of Sciences233643353
71Neural NetworksElsevier187927821
72Neural Processing LettersSpringer Nature1573773X2
74Pattern Analysis and ApplicationsSpringer Nature1433755X2
75Pattern RecognitionElsevier1
76Pattern Recognition LettersElsevier1
77Revue d'Intelligence ArtificielleLavoisier4
78Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and AutomationIEEE2
79Intelligent Automation and Soft ComputingTech Science Press2326005X3
80International Journal of Robotics and AutomationACTA Press192570903
81Informatica (Slovenia)Slovensko Drustvo Informatika185438714
82Journal of Parallel and Distributed ComputingElsevier109608481
83Parallel ComputingElsevier3
84Fuzzy Sets and SystemsElsevier1
85Computational LinguisticsMIT Press153093121
86Journal of PragmaticsElsevier3
87Machine TranslationSpringer Nature157305733
88Natural Language EngineeringCambridge University Press146981102
89Theory and Practice of Logic ProgrammingCambridge University Press147530812
90Design StudiesElsevier2
91International Journal of Computer VisionSpringer Nature157314051
92Kongzhi yu Juece/Control and DecisionNortheastern University4
93Moshi Shibie yu Rengong Zhineng/Pattern Recognition and Artificial IntelligenceJ Pattern Recognit Artif Intell4
94Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural NetworksIEEE3
95IEEE Intelligent SystemsIEEE1
96IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy SystemsIEEE3
97Cognitive ProcessingSpringer Nature161247903
98Artificial Life and RoboticsSpringer Nature4
99International Journal of Advanced Robotic SystemsSAGE3
100Networks and Spatial EconomicsSpringer Nature2
101Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial IntelligenceJinko Chino Gakkai4
102Journal of SemanticsOxford University Press147745933
103IEEE Computational Intelligence MagazineIEEE1
104International Journal of Humanoid RoboticsWorld Scientific3
105International Journal on Artificial Intelligence ToolsWorld Scientific3
106Springer Tracts in Advanced RoboticsSpringer Nature1610742X3
107Studies in Computational IntelligenceSpringer Nature186095034
108Understanding Complex SystemsSpringer Nature4
109LinguisticaAsociación de Lingüistica y Filología de la América Latina2079312X4
110International Journal of Mobile Network Design and InnovationInderscience Publishers174428504

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