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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Communication Studies journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Communication Studies journals

list of Communication Studies journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNPublication Area
1ESSACHESS - Journal for Communication StudiesUniversity Paul Valery of Montpellier 31775352X, 20665083Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
2Social Media and SocietySAGE Publications Ltd20563051Computer Science; Social Sciences
3Group Processes and Intergroup RelationsSAGE Publications Ltd14617188, 13684302Arts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
4ComunicarGrupo Communicar Ediciones11343478Social Sciences
5PoeticsElsevier0304422XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
6Games and CultureSAGE Publications Inc.15554139, 15554120Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Psychology; Social Sciences
7Profesional de la InformacionEl Profesional de la Informacion16992407, 13866710Computer Science; Social Sciences
8Journal of Children and MediaRoutledge17482801, 17482798Social Sciences
9Discourse, Context and MediaElsevier BV22116958Social Sciences
10Media International AustraliaSAGE Publications Inc.1329878X, 2200467XSocial Sciences
11Feminist Media StudiesRoutledge14680777Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
12Cultural TrendsRoutledge14693690, 09548963Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
13Journal of Politeness ResearchWalter de Gruyter GmbH16125681Psychology; Social Sciences
14Psychology of Popular MediaAmerican Psychological Association26896575, 26896567Psychology; Social Sciences
15European Journal of Applied LinguisticsWalter de Gruyter GmbH21929521, 2192953XSocial Sciences
16Global Media and ChinaSAGE Publications Ltd20594372Social Sciences
17Crime, Media, CultureSAGE Publications Ltd17416590, 17416604Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
18Social SemioticsRoutledge10350330, 14701219Social Sciences
19Journal of Multicultural DiscoursesRoutledge17447143, 17476615Social Sciences
20Critical Studies in TelevisionSAGE Publications Inc.17496039, 17496020Social Sciences
21Journal of Communication InquirySAGE Publications Inc.1968599Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
22Communication, Culture and CritiqueJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.17539129, 17539137Computer Science; Social Sciences
23Indo-European LinguisticsBrill Academic Publishers22125892, 22125884Arts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
24BrumalUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona20147910Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
25Women's Studies in CommunicationTaylor and Francis Ltd.07491409, 2152999XSocial Sciences
26Communication and SocietyUniversidad de Navarra23867876, 02140039Social Sciences
27Creative Industries JournalTaylor and Francis Ltd.17510708, 17510694Arts and Humanities; Business, Management and Accounting; Social Sciences
28Journal of International and Intercultural CommunicationRoutledge17513065, 17513057Social Sciences
29Revista Mediterranea de ComunicacionUniversidad de Alicante1989872X, 25300024Social Sciences
30Senses and SocietyTaylor and Francis Ltd.17458927, 17458935Social Sciences
31Cultural PoliticsDuke University Press17432197Social Sciences
32AnalisiUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona23405236Social Sciences
33Westminster Papers in Communication and CultureUniversity of Westminster Press17446716Social Sciences
34Communication and Critical/ Cultural StudiesRoutledge14791420, 14794233Social Sciences
35Journal of Intercultural Communication ResearchRoutledge17475759, 17475767Social Sciences
36Radio JournalIntellect Ltd.14764504, 20401388Arts and Humanities; Engineering; Social Sciences
37Estudios Sobre el Mensaje PeriodisticoUniversidad Complutense Madrid19882696, 11341629Social Sciences
38Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative CultureAcademic Studies Press24729884, 24729876Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
39Holocaust StudiesRoutledge17504902, 20484887Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
40MedieKulturSociety of Media Researchers In Denmark19019726Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
41GestureJohn Benjamins Publishing Company15699773, 15681475Psychology; Social Sciences
42Journal of Arab and Muslim Media ResearchIntellect Ltd.1751942X, 17519411Social Sciences
43Tourism, Culture and CommunicationCognizant Communication Corporation1098304XBusiness, Management and Accounting; Social Sciences
44Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural StudiesIntellect Ltd.17571898, 17571901Social Sciences
45Cultura, Lenguaje y RepresentacionUniversitat Jaume I23404981, 16977750Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
46East Asian PragmaticsEquinox Publishing Ltd20557760Social Sciences
47Journal of Intercultural CommunicationUniversity of Goteborg14041634Social Sciences
48SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication ResearchTaylor's University26727080Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
49International Journal of Media and Cultural PoliticsIntellect Ltd.17408296Social Sciences
50Media HistoryTaylor and Francis Ltd.13688804, 14699729Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
51European Journal of Humour Research2307700XPsychology; Social Sciences
52QwertyProgetti editoriali s.r.l.18287344, 22402950Computer Science; Social Sciences
53Asiascape: Digital AsiaBrill Academic Publishers22142312, 22142304Social Sciences
54Comunicacao e SociedadeUniversity of Minho, Communication and Society Research Centre21833575, 16452089Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
55Projections (New York)Berghahn Books Inc.19349688, 19349696Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
56Journal of Media and ReligionRoutledge15348423, 15348415Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
57Issues in Language StudiesUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak21802726Social Sciences
58Church, Communication and CultureRoutledge23753242, 23753234Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
59Sound StudiesRoutledge20551940, 20551959Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
60ScreenOxford University Press00369543, 14602474Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
61Signs and SocietyUniversity of Chicago Press23264497, 23264489Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
62Critical ArtsTaylor and Francis Ltd.19926049, 02560046Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
63SAREUniversity of Malaya0127046XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
64Comunicazioni SocialiVita e Pensiero03928667, 18277969Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
65IC Revista Cientifica de Informacion y ComunicacionUniversidad de Sevilla21731071, 16962508Social Sciences
66Black CameraIndiana University Press15363155, 19474237Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
67Poznanskie Studia SlawistyczneAdam Mickiewicz University Press20843011, 24502731Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
68Middle East Journal of Culture and CommunicationBrill Academic Publishers18739857, 18739865Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
69Journal of Transnational American StudieseScholarship Repository19400764Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
70Varieties of English Around the WorldJohn Benjamins Publishing Company1727362Social Sciences
71Languages Cultures MediationLED Edizioni Universitarie22841881, 24210293Social Sciences
72Journal of Greek Media and CultureIntellect Ltd.20523971, 2052398XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
73Visual HistoryFabrizio Serra Editore srl25323504, 24215627Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
74Journal of African Films and Diaspora StudiesAdonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd.25162705, 25162713Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
75Jewish Film and New MediaWayne State University Press21690324, 21690332Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
76Journal of Magazine MediaUniversity of Nebraska Press25767887, 25767895Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
77International Journal of Advanced Media and CommunicationInderscience Enterprises Ltd14624613Social Sciences
78Journal of Italian Cinema and Media StudiesIntellect Ltd.20477376, 20477368Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
79PhotographiesRoutledge17540771, 17540763Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
80VictoriographiesEdinburgh University Press20442416, 20442424Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
81Social Science ForumUniverza v Ljubljani3523608Social Sciences
82Film InternationalIntellect Ltd.20403801, 16516826Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
83Film Fashion and ConsumptionIntellect Ltd.20442823, 20442831Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
84Arab Media and SocietyAmerican University in Cairo16877721Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
85Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and CultureJohn Benjamins Publishing Company15699463Psychology; Social Sciences
86Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, HistoryPenn State University Press21680604, 21557888Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
87Slovenske DivadloSlovak Academy of Sciences0037699X, 13368605Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
88Visual EthnographyVisual Ethnography24999288, 22811605Social Sciences
89Imagologiya i KomparativistikaTomsk State University24099554Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
90Communication, Culture and Change in AsiaSpringer Science and Business Media B.V.23664665, 23664673Social Sciences
91Komunikacija i Kultura OnlineFOKUS - Forum za interkulturnu komunikaciju22174257Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
92KamchatkaUniversitat de Valencia, Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication23401869Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
93E-Revista de Estudos InterculturaisCenter for Intercultural Studies, Polytechnic of Porto21826439Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
94Images (Poland)Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu1731450XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
95HERMES (France)Hermes19631006, 07679513Social Sciences
96Journal of African CinemasIntellect Ltd.17549221, 1754923XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
97Studies in Spanish and Latin American CinemasIntellect Ltd.20504845, 20504837Arts and Humanities; Multidisciplinary; Social Sciences
98Visual Culture in BritainTaylor and Francis Ltd.14714787, 19418361Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
99AnaforaUniversity of Osijek - Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences24595160, 18492339Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
100Estudios de Teoria LiterariaUniversidad Nacional de Mar del Plata23139676Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
101Journal for Religion, Film and MediaUniversity of Graz26173697, 24140201Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
102PlatformSchool of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne18365132Social Sciences
103Boyhood StudiesBerghahn Journals23759240, 23759267Psychology; Social Sciences
104International Journal of Ageing and Later LifeLinkoping University Electronic Press16528670Social Sciences
105IkengaUniversity of Nigeria, Institute of African Studies20064241, 27144321Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
106Communication Methods and MeasuresRoutledge19312466, 19312458Social Sciences
107Political CommunicationTaylor and Francis Ltd.10584609, 10917675Social Sciences
108Communication ResearchSAGE Publications Inc.00936502, 15523810Social Sciences
109Digital JournalismTaylor and Francis Ltd.2167082X, 21670811Social Sciences
110Journal of AdvertisingM.E. Sharpe Inc.15577805, 00913367Business, Management and Accounting; Social Sciences
111Journal of CommunicationWiley-Blackwell00219916, 14602466Social Sciences
112Journal of Interactive AdvertisingTaylor and Francis Ltd.15252019Business, Management and Accounting; Social Sciences
113Annals of the International Communication AssociationRoutledge23808977, 23808985Social Sciences
114International Journal of Press/PoliticsSAGE Publications Inc.19401612, 19401620Social Sciences
115Big Data and SocietySAGE Publications Ltd20539517Computer Science; Decision Sciences; Social Sciences

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