Education journals list 2022

70 Education Journals founded

This web page aims to provide a latest list of Education journals. These Education journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details. We are providing the latest Education journals list.

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Education journals list

S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1Journal of Vocational BehaviorElsevier109590841
2Japanese Journal of Educational PsychologyJapanese Association of Education Psychology218630754
3InterchangeSpringer Nature157317903
4Interface: Communication, Health, EducationNucleo de Comunicacao, Fundacao UNI180757623
5International Journal for the Advancement of CounsellingSpringer Nature157332463
6International Journal of Educational DevelopmentElsevier1
7International Journal of Educational ResearchElsevier1
8British Educational Research JournalWiley-Blackwell146935181
9British Journal of Educational StudiesTaylor & Francis146785271
10British Journal of Sociology of EducationTaylor & Francis146533461
11Journal of Statistics EducationTaylor & Francis106918983
12Journal of Social Work EducationTaylor & Francis216358112
13International Journal of Engineering EducationDublin Institute of Technology Tempus Publications2
14Journal of Computer Information SystemsTaylor & Francis1
15International Journal of Mechanical Engineering EducationSAGE205045862
16Journal of Engineering EducationWiley-Blackwell216898301
17American Biology TeacherNational Association of Biology Teachers Inc.3
18Merrill-Palmer QuarterlyWayne State University Press153502662
19International Journal of Science EducationTaylor & Francis146452891
20International Review of EducationSpringer Nature157306382
21Issues in Educational ResearchWestern Australian Institute for Educational Research Inc.183762902
22Journal of Behavioral EducationSpringer Nature157335132
23British Journal of Educational PsychologyWiley-Blackwell204482791
24Journal of Creative BehaviorWiley-Blackwell216260571
25Journal of Academic LibrarianshipElsevier1
26Journal of Educational PsychologyAPA193921761
27Journal of Educational ResearchTaylor & Francis194006751
28Journal of ExtensionExtension Journal, Inc.3
29The Journal of General EducationPenn State University Press152720604
30Chinese Education and SocietyTaylor & Francis194471164
31The Journal of Negro EducationHoward University Press216764373
32Journal of Psychoeducational AssessmentSAGE155751441
33Journal of Research in ReadingWiley-Blackwell146798171
34Clinical Child and Family Psychology ReviewSpringer Nature157328271
35Comparative EducationTaylor & Francis136004861
36Comparative Education ReviewUniversity of Chicago Press1545701X1
37Cognition and InstructionTaylor & Francis1532690X1
38CompareTaylor & Francis146936231
39Contemporary Educational PsychologyElsevier109023841
40International Journal of Human Computer StudiesElsevier109593001
41Scientific Studies of ReadingTaylor & Francis1532799X1
42Journal of Teacher EducationSAGE155278161
43Journal of Technical Writing and CommunicationSAGE154137802
44Journal of the Learning SciencesTaylor & Francis153278091
45Sociology of EducationSAGE193985731
46Learning and Individual DifferencesElsevier187334251
47Learning and InstructionElsevier1
48Learning and MotivationElsevier109591222
49Learning Environments ResearchSpringer Nature157318551
50Developmental ReviewElsevier109024061
51Early Education and DevelopmentTaylor & Francis155669351
52Educational and Psychological MeasurementSAGE155238881
53Teachers College RecordTeachers College Record146796202
54Hrvatska Revija Za Rehabilitacijska IstrazivanjaUniversity of Zagreb4
55Psychology in the SchoolsWiley-Blackwell152068072
56Theory into PracticeTaylor & Francis154304212
57Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and DevelopmentSAGE194763021
58Education and Urban SocietySAGE155235352
59Education Policy Analysis ArchivesArizona State University3
60College and Research Libraries NewsAssociation of College and Research Libraies215066983
61Educational PsychologyTaylor & Francis146958201
62Educational ResearchTaylor & Francis146958471
63Educational ReviewTaylor & Francis146533971
64Educational StudiesTaylor & Francis146534002
65Journal of Career DevelopmentSAGE157335481
66American Annals of the DeafGallaudet University Press154303753
67Urban EducationSAGE155283401
68International Journal of Stress ManagementAPA157334241
69School Psychology ReviewNational Association of School Psychologists1
70New Zealand Journal of Educational StudiesSpringer Nature219947143

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