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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Electrical Electronic Engineering journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Electrical Electronic Engineering journals

list of Electrical Electronic Engineering journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1Conference Proceedings - Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting-LEOSIEEE4
2IEEE Photonics Technology LettersIEEE194101741
3Navigation, Journal of the Institute of NavigationWiley-Blackwell216142961
4Laser and Particle BeamsHindawi Publishing Corporation1469803X3
5Lasers in EngineeringOld City Publishing Inc.1029029X4
6Microwave and Optical Technology LettersWiley-Blackwell109827602
7Superconductor Science and TechnologyInstitute of Physics Publishing136166681
8IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) SystemsIEEE155799991
9Optical and Quantum ElectronicsSpringer Nature1572817X2
10Optical Fiber TechnologyElsevier109599122
11Optical MaterialsElsevier2
12Optics and Laser TechnologyElsevier1
13Optics and Lasers in EngineeringElsevier1
14Optics and Photonics NewsOptical Society of America154137212
15Optics CommunicationsElsevier2
16International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety EngineeringWorld Scientific179364463
17Real-Time SystemsSpringer Nature157313831
18Kongzhi Lilun Yu Yinyong/Control Theory and ApplicationsZhongguo Kexueyuan3
19International Journal of COMADEMCOMADEM International4
20Zhongguo Jiguang/Chinese Journal of LasersScience Press3
21IEEE Signal Processing MagazineIEEE1
22IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency ControlIEEE152589551
23Acta CyberneticaUniversity of Szeged, Institute of Informatics4
24Qiangjiguang Yu Lizishu/High Power Laser and Particle BeamsQiangjiguang Yu Lizishu4
25Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society JournalApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society3
26Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society NewsletterApplied Computational Electromagnetics Society3
27Bandaoti Guangdian/Semiconductor OptoelectronicsChongqing Guangdian Jishu Yanjiusuo4
28Gaoya Dianqi/High Voltage ApparatusXi'an Gaoya Dianqi Yanjiusuo4
29Chinese Space Science and TechnologyChinese Academy of Space Technology4
30Sensors and Actuators, A: PhysicalElsevier1
31EntropyMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)2
32Experimental Heat TransferTaylor & Francis152104802
33Signal Processing: Image CommunicationElsevier1
34Journal of VisualizationSpringer Nature138664783
35Proceedings of the Asian Test SymposiumIEEE4
36Guofang Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of National University of Defense TechnologyGuofang Keji Daxue/National University of Defence Technology4
37Digest of Technical Papers - Symposium on VLSI TechnologyIEEE1
38Proceedings of the IEEE VLSI Test SymposiumIEEE3
39Flow Measurement and InstrumentationElsevier2
40IEEE Sensors JournalIEEE1
41IEICE Transactions on Information and SystemsMaruzen Co., Ltd/Maruzen Kabushikikaisha174513613
42Xi Tong Gong Cheng Yu Dian Zi Ji Shu/Systems Engineering and ElectronicsChina International Book Trading Corp./Zhongguo Guoji Tushu Maoyi Zonggongsi4
43IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement MagazineIEEE3
44IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and MeasurementIEEE155796621
45Jiliang Xuebao/Acta Metrologica SinicaChina Metrological Measuring Institute3
46Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement ConfederationElsevier1
48IEEE Transactions on NanotechnologyIEEE2
49International Journal of NanoscienceWorld Scientific179353504
50Diangong Jishu Xuebao/Transactions of China Electrotechnical SocietyChina Machine Press2
51Power System TechnologyPower System Technology Press1
52TM. Technisches MessenWalter de Gruyter219671133
53EPRI JournalElectric Power Research Institute36234164
54Circuit WorldEmerald3
55Electric Power Components and SystemsTaylor & Francis153250163
56Electric Power Systems ResearchElsevier1
57Electrical EngineeringSpringer Nature143204872
58Electrical Engineering in Japan (English translation of Denki Gakkai Ronbunshi)Wiley-Blackwell152064164
59ElectromagneticsTaylor & Francis1532527X3
60IEEE Transactions on MultimediaIEEE1
61IEEE Transactions on NanobioscienceIEEE155826391
62Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal SocietyChina Coal Society2
63Elektrotehniski Vestnik/Electrotechnical ReviewElektrotechniska Zveza Slovenije223232284
64Energia ElettricaAssociazione Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica Italiana4
65FrequenzWalter de Gruyter219163493
66IEEE Transactions on Medical ImagingIEEE1558254X1
67Fujitsu Scientific and Technical JournalFujitsu Limted4
68Guangdian Gongcheng/Opto-Electronic EngineeringChinese Academy of Sciences3
69IEEE Antennas and Propagation MagazineIEEE1
70IEEE Communications MagazineIEEE1
71IEEE Electrical Insulation MagazineIEEE1
72IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing LettersIEEE1
73IEEE Industry Applications MagazineIEEE3
74IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEEE215811183
75Journal of Microelectromechanical SystemsIEEE194101582
76IEEE Journal of Oceanic EngineeringIEEE155816911
77IEEE Journal of Solid-State CircuitsIEEE1558173X1
78IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium DigestIEEE2
79Defence Science JournalDefence Scientific Information & Documentation Centre (DESIDOC)0976464X3
80IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components LettersIEEE1
81IEEE Microwave MagazineIEEE2
82Conference Record of the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists ConferenceIEEE4
83IEEE PotentialsIEEE3
84IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, ProceedingsIEEE107887434
85IEEE Signal Processing LettersIEEE155823611
86IEEE SpectrumIEEE3
87IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic SystemsIEEE1
88IEEE Transactions on Antennas and PropagationIEEE155822211
89IEEE Transactions on Automatic ControlIEEE155825231
90IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and EngineeringIEEE1
91IEEE Transactions on Control Systems TechnologyIEEE155808651
92IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical InsulationIEEE1
93IEEE Transactions on EducationIEEE155796381
94IEEE Transactions on Engineering ManagementIEEE155800402
95IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote SensingIEEE155806441
96IEEE Transactions on Industry ApplicationsIEEE193993671
97IEEE Transactions on MagneticsIEEE194100692
98IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and TechniquesIEEE155796701
99IEEE Transactions on Nuclear ScienceIEEE155815782
100IEEE Transactions on Power DeliveryIEEE193742081
101IEEE Transactions on Professional CommunicationIEEE155815002
102IEEE Transactions on ReliabilityIEEE155817211
103IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor ManufacturingIEEE155823452
104IEEE Transactions on Signal ProcessingIEEE194104761
105IEEE Transactions on Vehicular TechnologyIEEE193993591
106Wireless Communications and Mobile ComputingHindawi153086772
107Wireless NetworksSpringer Nature157281962
108AEU - International Journal of Electronics and CommunicationsElsevier161803991
109Annales des Telecommunications/Annals of TelecommunicationsSpringer Nature195893952
110Beijing Youdian Xueyuan Xuebao/Journal of Beijing University of Posts And TelecommunicationsBeijing University Press4

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