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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Marketing journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Marketing journals

list of Marketing journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1International Journal of Applied Ceramic TechnologyWiley-Blackwell174474022
2Paint and Coatings IndustryBusiness News Publishing Co.4
3Journal of Vinyl and Additive TechnologyWiley-Blackwell154805853
4Psychology and MarketingWiley-Blackwell152067932
5Journal of Travel and Tourism MarketingTaylor & Francis154073061
6Electronic Commerce Research and ApplicationsElsevier1
7International Journal of Information ManagementElsevier1
8Journal of Public Administration Research and TheoryOxford University Press147798031
9Administration and SocietySAGE155230392
10American Review of Public AdministrationSAGE155233572
11Public Administration ReviewWiley-Blackwell154062101
12Petroleum EconomistPetroleum Economist Ltd.4
14International Journal of Services, Technology and ManagementInderscience Publishers1741525X4
15Journal of High Technology Management ResearchElsevier1
16Business HorizonsElsevier1
17Journal of Business ResearchElsevier1
18Journal of Food Products MarketingTaylor & Francis154041022
19Health Marketing QuarterlyTaylor & Francis154508644
20Canadian Journal of Administrative SciencesWiley-Blackwell193644903
21Keramische ZeitschriftSpringer Nature4
22European Journal of MarketingEmerald2
23Industrial Marketing ManagementElsevier1
24International Journal of Market ResearchN T C Publications Ltd.3
25International Journal of Research in MarketingElsevier1
26International Marketing ReviewEmerald1
27International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer ResearchTaylor & Francis146644023
28Journal of Business and Industrial MarketingEmerald2
29Journal of Consumer MarketingEmerald2
30Journal of Consumer ResearchOxford University Press153752771
31Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing ScienceUniversity of South Australia4
32Journal of Fashion Marketing and ManagementEmerald2
33Journal of Global MarketingTaylor & Francis152869752
34Journal of Interactive MarketingElsevier152066531
35Journal of International MarketingAmerican Marketing Association154772151
36Journal of MarketingSAGE154771851
37Journal of Marketing CommunicationsTaylor & Francis146644452
38Journal of Marketing ResearchAmerican Marketing Association154771931
39Journal of Personal Selling and Sales ManagementTaylor & Francis155778132
40Journal of Purchasing and Supply ManagementElsevier1
41Journal of RetailingElsevier1
42Journal of Retailing and Consumer ServicesElsevier1
43Food Science and Technology ResearchKarger3
44International Business ReviewElsevier1
45Marketing LettersSpringer Nature1573059X2
46Marketing ScienceInstitute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences1526548X1
47Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceSpringer Nature155278241
48Review of Marketing ScienceWalter de Gruyter154656164
49Social Marketing QuarterlySAGE153940932
50Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francis155778051
51Journal of Advertising ResearchThe Advertising Research Foundation174019092
52Journal of Consumer PsychologyWiley-Blackwell153276631
53Printing ImpressionsNorth American Publishing Co.4
54Screen PrintingS T Publications Inc4
55Public Relations ReviewElsevier1
56Journal of World BusinessElsevier1
57Journal of International Food and Agribusiness MarketingTaylor & Francis152869832
58Paper AsiaSHPMedia Sdn Bhd4
59Journal of Services MarketingEmerald1
60Journal of Electronic Commerce in OrganizationsIGI Global Publishing3
61Qualitative Market ResearchEmerald2
62Journal of Product and Brand ManagementEmerald1
63Marketing Intelligence and PlanningEmerald2
64International Journal of Retail and Distribution ManagementEmerald2
65Journal of Marketing EducationSAGE155265502
66Journal of MacromarketingSAGE2
67Quantitative Marketing and EconomicsSpringer Nature1573711X3
68International Journal of Bank MarketingEmerald1
69Journal of Supply Chain ManagementWiley-Blackwell1745493X1
70International Journal of Integrated Supply ManagementInderscience Publishers174180973
71International Journal of Internet Marketing and AdvertisingInderscience Publishers174181004
72Journal of Marketing for Higher EducationTaylor & Francis154071442
73Academy of Management PerspectivesAcademy of Management1
74Journal of Promotion ManagementTaylor & Francis2
75Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector MarketingTaylor & Francis154069973
76Journal of Relationship MarketingTaylor & Francis153326753
77Journal of Political MarketingTaylor & Francis153778652
78Journal of International Consumer MarketingTaylor & Francis152870683
79Journal of Business and Finance LibrarianshipTaylor & Francis154706443
80Journal of Business-to-Business MarketingTaylor & Francis154706283
81International Journal of Sport Management and MarketingInderscience Publishers174028083
82Advances in Business Marketing and PurchasingEmerald3
83Journal of Marketing Theory and PracticeTaylor & Francis2
84Seybold ReportSeybold Publications4
85Packaging NewsYaffa Publishing4
86Event ManagementCognizant Communication Corporation3
87Publishing Research QuarterlySpringer Nature193647923
88OrganizacijaFakulteta za Organizacijske Vede, Univerza v Mariboru2
89Journal of Consumer CultureSAGE174129001
90Paper360Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry4
91International Journal of Consumer StudiesWiley-Blackwell147064312
92International Journal of Electronic Marketing and RetailingInderscience Publishers174110333
93Transformations in Business and EconomicsVilnius University3
94International Journal of AdvertisingTaylor & Francis175939481
95InnovarUniversidad Nacional de Colombia4
96Baltic Journal of ManagementEmerald2
97Sport Management ReviewElsevier1
98Marketing TheorySAGE1741301X1
99International Review on Public and Nonprofit MarketingSpringer Nature186519922
100International Journal of DesignNational Taiwan University of Science and Technology1994036X2
101Australasian Marketing JournalSAGE2
102WSEAS Transactions on Business and EconomicsWSEAS Press4
103Journal of Financial Services MarketingSpringer Nature147918463
104Place Branding and Public DiplomacySpringer Nature175180593
105Journal of Brand ManagementSpringer Nature147918031
106Journal of Strategic MarketingTaylor & Francis146644882
107International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare MarketingEmerald3
108Foundations and Trends in MarketingNow Publishers Inc.155507613
109International Journal of Sports Marketing and SponsorshipEmerald3
110International Journal of Sport FinanceFitness Information Technology1930076X3

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