Mechanical Engineering journals list 2022

70 Mechanical Engineering Journals founded

This web page aims to provide a latest list of Mechanical Engineering journals. These Mechanical Engineering journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details. We are providing the latest Mechanical Engineering journals list.

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Mechanical Engineering journals list

S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1Welding and CuttingD V S Verlag GmbH4
2Welding in the World, Le Soudage Dans Le MondeSpringer Nature2
3Welding JournalAmerican Welding Society3
4Yosetsu Gakkai Ronbunshu/Quarterly Journal of the Japan Welding SocietyJapan Welding Society/Yosetsu Gakkai4
5ISIJ InternationalNippon Tekko Kyokai/Iron and Steel Institute of Japan2
7International Journal of Cast Metals ResearchTaylor & Francis174313363
8International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard MaterialsElsevier221339171
9Iron and Steel TechnologyAssociation for Iron & Steel Technology4
10Progress in Aerospace SciencesElsevier1
11JFE Technical ReportJFE Holdings, Inc188372634
12Jinshu Xuebao/Acta Metallurgica SinicaScience Press2
13Journal of Alloys and CompoundsElsevier1
14Journal of Failure Analysis and PreventionSpringer Nature186412453
15Journal of Materials Science and TechnologyElsevier1
16Optics and Lasers in EngineeringElsevier1
17International Journal of Engineering ScienceElsevier1
18Keikinzoku/Journal of Japan Institute of Light MetalsKeikinzoku Gakkai/Japan Institute of Light Metals4
19Key Engineering MaterialsTrans Tech Publications Ltd166297954
20International Journal of Impact EngineeringElsevier1
21International Journal of Mechanical Engineering EducationSAGE205045863
22Jixie Qiangdu/Journal of Mechanical StrengthJixie Kexue Yanjiuyuan4
23Journal of Fluids and StructuresElsevier109586221
24Heat Transfer EngineeringTaylor & Francis152105372
25Journal of Low Frequency Noise Vibration and Active ControlSAGE204840462
26Journal of Sound and VibrationElsevier109585681
27JVC/Journal of Vibration and ControlSAGE174129861
28Manufacturing EngineeringSociety of Manufacturing Engineers4
29Noise and Vibration WorldwideSAGE3
30Journal of the American Helicopter SocietyAmerican Helicopter Society2
31Sealing TechnologyElsevier4
32Shock and VibrationHindawi187592032
33Zhendong Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Vibration EngineeringNanjing Hangkong Daxue/Najing Unversity of Aeronautics and Astronautics4
34Advances in Heat TransferElsevier2
35International Journal of Heat and Fluid FlowElsevier1
36Chinese Journal of AeronauticsPress of Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica1
37Acta Mechanica Sinica/Lixue XuebaoSpringer Nature161431162
38Acta Mechanica Solida SinicaSpringer Nature186021342
39Advances in Applied MechanicsElsevier1
40Research in Engineering Design - Theory, Applications, and Concurrent EngineeringSpringer Nature143560661
41Research in Nondestructive EvaluationTaylor & Francis143221102
42European Journal of Mechanics, A/SolidsElsevier1
43Archive of Applied MechanicsSpringer Nature143206812
44Tribologie und SchmierungstechnikExpert Verlag GmbH4
45Fluid DynamicsPleiades Publishing157385073
46Tribology TransactionsTaylor & Francis1547397X2
47International Journal of Computational Fluid DynamicsTaylor & Francis102902572
48International Journal of Solids and StructuresElsevier1
49Journal of the Japan Society for Precision EngineeringSeimitsu Kogakkai/The Japan Society for Precision Engineering1882675X4
50Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid MechanicsElsevier2
51Journal of RheologySociety of Rheology1
52Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of SolidsElsevier1
53Kongqi Donglixue Xuebao/Acta Aerodynamica SinicaChina Aerodynamics R & D Center3
54MeccanicaSpringer Nature157296481
55Mechanics of Time-Dependent MaterialsSpringer Nature157327382
56Mocaxue Xuebao/TribologyScience Press3
57Moscow University Mechanics BulletinPleiades Publishing193484524
58Multibody System DynamicsSpringer Nature1573272X1
59Sulzer Technical ReviewSulzer Management AG4
60Shock WavesSpringer Nature143221532
61Strength, Fracture and ComplexityIOS Press4
62Theoretical and Applied Fracture MechanicsElsevier1
63Zhendong yu Chongji/Journal of Vibration and ShockZhongguo Zhendong Gongcheng Xuehui3
64Guofang Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of National University of Defense TechnologyGuofang Keji Daxue/National University of Defence Technology4
65International Agricultural Engineering JournalAsian Association For Agricultural Engineering4
66Applied Mechanics ReviewsASME108885351
67Pulp and Paper CanadaBusiness Information Group4
68ASHRAE JournalAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers36499624
69Power System TechnologyPower System Technology Press1
70Journal of Aerosol ScienceElsevier187919641

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