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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Music journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Music journals

list of Music journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNPublication Area
1IEEE Signal Processing MagazineInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.10535888Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Engineering; Mathematics
2Plant PhenomicsAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science26436515Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Arts and Humanities
3Journal of Research in Music EducationSAGE Publications Inc.00224294, 19450095Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
4Music Education ResearchRoutledge14699893, 14613808Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
5Research Studies in Music EducationSAGE Publications Ltd1321103X, 18345530Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
6Music PerceptionUniversity of California Press7307829Arts and Humanities
7British Journal of Music EducationCambridge University Press02650517, 14692104Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
8Musicae ScientiaeSAGE Publications Inc.10298649, 20454147Arts and Humanities; Psychology
9Psychology of MusicSAGE Publications Ltd17413087, 03057356Arts and Humanities; Psychology
10Journal of Music Teacher EducationSAGE Publications Inc.19450079, 10570837Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
11International Journal of Music EducationSAGE Publications Ltd1744795X, 02557614Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
12Empirical Studies of the ArtsSAGE Publications Inc.2762374Arts and Humanities
13Music and ScienceSAGE Publications Ltd20592043Arts and Humanities; Psychology
14Journal of Music TherapyAmerican Music Therapy Association, Inc.222917Arts and Humanities; Health Professions; Medicine
15Revista Electronica Complutense de Investigacion en Educacion MusicalUniversidad Complutense Madrid16987454Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
16Transactions of the International Society for Music Information RetrievalWeb Portal Ubiquity Press25143298Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
17AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering SocietyAudio Engineering Society00047554, 15494950Arts and Humanities; Engineering
18International Journal of Community MusicIntellect Books17526302, 17526299Arts and Humanities
19Music Therapy PerspectivesOxford University Press07346875, 20537387Arts and Humanities; Medicine; Psychology
20Journal of African Cultural StudiesRoutledge13696815Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
21Music Theory OnlineSociety for Music Theory10673040Arts and Humanities
22Revista Electronica de LEEMEUniversitat de Valencia, Faculty of Teaching15759563Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
23Art InquiryLodzkie Towarzystwo Naukowe24510327, 16419278Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
24Journal of Aesthetics and Art CriticismOxford University Press15406245, 00218529Arts and Humanities
25Music Theory SpectrumOxford University Press01956167, 15338339Arts and Humanities
26String Research JournalSAGE Publications Ltd21640661, 19484992Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
27Journal of New Music ResearchTaylor and Francis Ltd.9298215Arts and Humanities
28Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music EducationUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign21627223, 00109894Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
29Ethnomusicology ForumTaylor and Francis Ltd.17411920, 17411912Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
30EthnomusicologyUniversity of Illinois Press141836Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
31Journal of the American Musicological SocietyUniversity of California Press00030139, 15473848Arts and Humanities
32Metal Music StudiesIntellect Ltd.20523998, 20524005Arts and Humanities
33Journal of Mathematics and MusicTaylor and Francis Ltd.17459737, 17459745Arts and Humanities; Mathematics
34Voice and Speech ReviewBellwether Publishing, Ltd.23268271, 23268263Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
35Organised SoundCambridge University Press13557718, 14698153Arts and Humanities; Computer Science
36Journal of Music TheoryDuke University Press19417497, 00222909Arts and Humanities
37International Journal of Education and the ArtsPennsylvania State University Libraries15298094Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
38Revista de Poetica MedievalAlcala University2660891X, 11378905Arts and Humanities
39TejueloUniversidad de Extremadura19888430Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
40Greek and Roman Musical StudiesBrill Academic Publishers22129758, 2212974XArts and Humanities
41Journal of Music, Technology and EducationIntellect Ltd.17527074, 17527066Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Social Sciences
42Twentieth-Century MusicCambridge University Press14785722, 14785730Arts and Humanities
43Harmonia: Journal of Arts Research and EducationUniversitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES)14115115, 25412426Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
44American ImagoJohns Hopkins University Press10857931, 0065860XArts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
45Popular Music and SocietyTaylor and Francis Ltd.3007766Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
46Computer Music JournalMIT Press Journals01489267, 15315169Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Engineering
47Musica HodieUniversidade Federal De Goias (UFG)16763939Arts and Humanities
48Musica TecnologiaFirenze University Press19740042, 19740050Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Engineering
49Journal of MusicologyUniversity of California Press15338347, 02779269Arts and Humanities
50Contemporary Music ReviewRoutledge7494467Arts and Humanities
51LetonicaLatvian University14073110Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
52Popular MusicCambridge University Press14740095, 02611430Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
53Journal of Urban Culture ResearchChulalongkorn University, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts24081213, 22288279Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
54LeonardoMIT Press Journals0024094XArts and Humanities; Computer Science; Engineering
55Punk and Post-PunkIntellect Ltd.20443706, 20441983Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
56Journal of Folklore ResearchIndiana University Press15430413, 07377037Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
57Philosophy of Music Education ReviewIndiana University Press10635734, 15433412Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
58Journal of General Music EducationSAGE Publications Inc.27527646Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
59NotesMusic Library Association1534150X, 00274380Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
60Cuadernos de Musica IberoamericanaUniversidad Complutense Madrid25309900, 11365536Arts and Humanities
61Muzikoloski ZbornikUniversity of Ljubljana0580373XArts and Humanities
62TempoCambridge University Press00402982, 14782286Arts and Humanities
63Music & Medicine1943863X, 19438621Arts and Humanities; Medicine; Neuroscience
64IASPM JournalInternational Association for the Study of Popular Music20793871Arts and Humanities
65Music Reference Services QuarterlyRoutledge10588167Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
66Music Educators JournalSAGE Publications Inc.00274321, 19450087Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
67Dix-NeufManey Publishing14787318Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
68Early American StudiesUniversity of Pennsylvania Press15434273, 15590895Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
69Music, Sound and the Moving ImageLiverpool University Press17530776, 17530768Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Social Sciences
70Journal of the Society for American MusicCambridge University Press17521971, 17521963Arts and Humanities
71Opus15177017, 01037412Arts and Humanities
72Musical Art and Education23091428Arts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
73Journal of Popular Music StudiesWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd15331598, 15242226Arts and Humanities
74Journal of Band ResearchTroy State University Press219207Arts and Humanities
75ColloquiaInstitute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore18223737Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
76Revista Musical ChilenaUniversidad de Chile07176252, 07162790Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
77Cahiers d'EthnomusicologieAteliers d'ethnomusicologie1662372XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
78MuzikiRoutledge1753593X, 18125980Arts and Humanities
79Cuadernos de Musica, Artes Visuales y Artes EscenicasPontificia Universidad Javeriana17946670, 22159959Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
80Horror StudiesIntellect Ltd.20403283, 20403275Arts and Humanities
81Vestnik Sankt-Peterburgskogo Universiteta, IskusstvovedenieSaint Petersburg State University25422243, 22213007Arts and Humanities
82Wacana SeniPenerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia16753410, 21804311Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
83Hudebni VedaInstitute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic187003Arts and Humanities
84Journal of Historical Research in Music EducationSAGE Publications Ltd15366006, 23282525Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
85Journal of the Royal Musical AssociationCambridge University Press14716933, 02690403Arts and Humanities
86Music and LettersOxford University Press14774631, 00274224Arts and Humanities
87Music in ArtCity University of New York15227464, 21699488Arts and Humanities
88BachRiemenschneider Bach Institute53600Arts and Humanities
89Journal of the Musical Arts in AfricaRoutledge2070626X, 18121004Arts and Humanities
90Nineteenth-Century Music ReviewCambridge University Press14794098, 20448414Arts and Humanities
91Journal of Musicological ResearchTaylor and Francis Ltd.1411896Arts and Humanities
92PhilomusicaPavia University Press18269001Arts and Humanities
93American MusicUniversity of Illinois Press7344392Arts and Humanities
94Eighteenth-Century MusicCambridge University Press14785714, 14785706Arts and Humanities
95Journal of Music ResearchNational Taiwan Normal University-College of Music20798857Arts and Humanities
96Leonardo Music JournalMIT Press Journals9611215Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Engineering
97OperaOpera magazine303526Arts and Humanities
98Journal of Applied Arts and HealthIntellect Ltd.20402465, 20402457Arts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
99Journal of Creative Music SystemsUniversity of Huddersfield Press23997656Arts and Humanities
100ResonanciasPontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile07195702, 07173474Arts and Humanities
101Per MusiUniversidade Federal of Minas Gerais15177599Arts and Humanities
102SpoliaSpolia1824727XArts and Humanities; Social Sciences
103Cambridge Opera JournalCambridge University Press9545867Arts and Humanities
104Co-herenciaUniversidad EAFIT17945887Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
105Journal of Science and Technology of the ArtsUniversidade Catolica Portuguesa16469798, 21830088Arts and Humanities; Computer Science
106Nineteenth Century MusicUniversity of California Press01482076, 15338606Arts and Humanities
107Oido PensanteCentro Argentino de Informacion Cientifica y Tecnologica (CAICYT-CONICET)22507116Arts and Humanities
108Slovenske DivadloSlovak Academy of Sciences0037699X, 13368605Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
109World of MusicVWB - Verlag f??r Wissenschaft und Bildung438774Arts and Humanities
110Acta MusicologicaAllerton Press Inc.16241Arts and Humanities
111Musicology AustraliaTaylor and Francis Ltd.1949453X, 08145857Arts and Humanities
112Rock Music StudiesRoutledge19401167, 19401159Arts and Humanities
113Archivo de Arte ValencianoReal Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos2115808Arts and Humanities
114DiacriticaUniversidade do Minho08708967, 21839174Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
115Malaysian Journal of Music26009366, 26009331Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences

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