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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Social Sciences journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Social Sciences journals

list of Social Sciences journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNPublication Area
1Journal of Family Theory and ReviewWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17562589, 17562570Psychology; Social Sciences
2Psychoanalytic Social WorkRoutledge15228878Psychology; Social Sciences
3Journal of Social WorkSAGE Publications Ltd14680173Social Sciences
4British Journal of Social WorkOxford University Press00453102, 1468263XSocial Sciences
5Qualitative Social WorkSAGE Publications Inc.14733250Social Sciences
6Australian Social WorkTaylor and Francis Ltd.0312407XSocial Sciences
7Journal of Social Work PracticeRoutledge14653885, 02650533Medicine; Social Sciences
8Natures Sciences SocietesEDP Sciences12401307, 17652979Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Environmental Science; Multidisciplinary; Social Sciences
9Journal of Marriage and FamilyWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17413737, 00222445Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
10Social Issues and Policy ReviewWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17512409, 17512395Psychology; Social Sciences
11Human Behavior and Emerging TechnologiesJohn Wiley & Sons Inc.25781863Computer Science; Psychology; Social Sciences
12Journal of Youth and AdolescenceSpringer New York15736601, 00472891Psychology; Social Sciences
13Family ProcessWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd15455300, 00147370Psychology; Social Sciences
14International Journal of Behavioral DevelopmentSAGE Publications Ltd01650254, 14640651Neuroscience; Psychology; Social Sciences
15Sleep HealthElsevier Inc.23527218Neuroscience; Psychology; Social Sciences
16American Behavioral ScientistSAGE Publications Inc.15523381, 00027642Psychology; Social Sciences
17Journal of Loss and TraumaRoutledge15325024, 15325032Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
18Health and Social Care in the CommunityWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd09660410, 13652524Medicine; Social Sciences
19Journal of Social PolicyCambridge University Press14697823, 00472794Environmental Science; Social Sciences
20Disability and SocietyRoutledge13600508, 09687599Health Professions; Social Sciences
21Family RelationsWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd01976664, 17413729Psychology; Social Sciences
22International Journal of Bullying PreventionSpringer Nature Switzerland AG25233653, 25233661Psychology; Social Sciences
23Asian Journal of Social PsychologyWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd1467839X, 13672223Psychology; Social Sciences
24Symbolic InteractionWiley-Blackwell15338665, 01956086Nursing; Psychology; Social Sciences
25International Social WorkSAGE Publications Ltd00208728, 14617234Social Sciences
26European Journal of Social WorkTaylor and Francis Ltd.13691457Social Sciences
27Affilia - Journal of Women and Social WorkSAGE Publications Inc.15523020, 08861099Social Sciences
28Social Work EducationTaylor and Francis Ltd.14701227, 02615479Social Sciences
29Journal of Marital and Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell17520606, 0194472XPsychology; Social Sciences
30Journal of Family TherapyWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd14676427, 01634445Psychology; Social Sciences
31Research on Social Work PracticeSAGE Publications Inc.10497315, 15527581Psychology; Social Sciences
32Journal of Social Work EducationTaylor and Francis Ltd.10437797, 21635811Social Sciences
33Journal of Gerontological Social WorkRoutledge15404048, 01634372Nursing; Social Sciences
34Wellbeing, Space and SocietyElsevier BV26665581Social Sciences
35Child and Adolescent Social Work JournalSpringer New York07380151, 15732797Social Sciences
36Journal of Intergenerational RelationshipsRoutledge15350770Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
37Journal of Technology in Human ServicesRoutledge15228991, 15228835Computer Science; Social Sciences
38Journal of the Philosophy of SportTaylor and Francis Ltd.948705Health Professions; Social Sciences
39Journal of International and Comparative Social PolicyCambridge University Press21699763, 2169978XSocial Sciences
40Journal of Social Service ResearchRoutledge01488376, 15407314Social Sciences
41Social Work in Mental HealthRoutledge15332985, 15332993Medicine; Social Sciences
42Journal of Spirituality in Mental HealthRoutledge19349645, 19349637Arts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
43Child and Youth ServicesRoutledge15452298, 0145935XSocial Sciences
44Family JournalSAGE Publications Inc.10664807Psychology; Social Sciences
45Contemporary Family TherapyKluwer Academic/Human Sciences Press Inc.08922764, 15733335Psychology; Social Sciences
46International Journal of Men's Social and Community HealthDougmar Publishing Group Inc.25619179Social Sciences
47Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability StudiesLiverpool University Press17576458, 17576466Health Professions; Social Sciences
48Asian Social Work and Policy ReviewWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17531403, 17531411Social Sciences
49Families in SocietyFamilies International Inc10443894Social Sciences
50Smith College Studies in Social WorkRoutledge15530426, 00377317Social Sciences
51Journal of Couple and Relationship TherapyRoutledge15332683, 15332691Psychology; Social Sciences
52Al-Ihkam: Jurnal Hukum dan Pranata SosialFaculty of Shariah Institut Agama Islam Negeri Madura24423084, 1907591XArts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
53Emotions and SocietyPolicy Press26316900, 26316897Psychology; Social Sciences
54Recreational Sports JournalSAGE Publications Ltd15588661, 1558867XBusiness, Management and Accounting; Social Sciences
55Social Work with GroupsRoutledge01609513, 15409481Social Sciences
56Mind and SocietySpringer Verlag15937879Arts and Humanities; Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Psychology; Social Sciences
57African Journal of Social WorkNational Association of Social Workers Zimbabwe24095605Social Sciences
58Journal of Population and Social StudiesMahidol University, Institute for Population and Social Research24654418Social Sciences
59Journal of Psychosocial StudiesPolicy Press14786737Psychology; Social Sciences
60Socialni PraceAssociation of Educators in Social Work1805885X, 12136204Psychology; Social Sciences
61International Journal of Microsimulation17475864Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Mathematics; Medicine; Social Sciences
62Social Psychology and SocietyMoscow State University of Psychology and Education22211527, 23117052Psychology; Social Sciences
63European Journal of Human MovementMiguel Hernandez University23864095Health Professions; Social Sciences
64Przestrzen SpolecznaStowarzyszenie Naukowe Przestrzen Spo??eczna i Srodowisko20841558, 20847696Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Psychology; Social Sciences
65Perspectives on Global Development and TechnologyBrill Academic Publishers15691497, 15691500Social Sciences
66AlternativasUniversity of Alicante - Department of Social Work and Social Services19899971, 11330473Social Sciences
67KontaktUniversity of South Bohemia18047122, 12124117Medicine; Nursing; Social Sciences
68Revista CriminalidadPolicia Nacional de Colombia17943108, 22565531Arts and Humanities; Psychology; Social Sciences
69Hrvatska Revija Za Rehabilitacijska IstrazivanjaUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering13313010Medicine; Social Sciences
70Dirasat: Human and Social SciencesThe University of Jordan10263721, 26636190Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences
71Enfances, Familles, GenerationsErudit Publishers17086310Psychology; Social Sciences
72Indian Journal of Social WorkTata Institute of Social Sciences195634Social Sciences
73Behavioural Public PolicyCambridge University Press23980648, 2398063XPsychology; Social Sciences
74Social Science Computer ReviewSAGE Publications Inc.15528286, 08944393Computer Science; Social Sciences
75Geography CompassWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd17498198Earth and Planetary Sciences; Environmental Science; Social Sciences
76ScientometricsAkademiai Kiado15882861, 01389130Computer Science; Social Sciences
77DisastersWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd03613666, 14677717Earth and Planetary Sciences; Social Sciences
78Group Decision and NegotiationSpringer Netherlands09262644, 15729907Arts and Humanities; Business, Management and Accounting; Decision Sciences; Social Sciences
79Global Journal of Environmental Science and ManagementGJESM Publication23833866, 23833572Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Environmental Science; Social Sciences
80Social Science InformationSAGE Publications Ltd05390184, 14617412Social Sciences
81Theory and DecisionSpringer Netherlands15737187, 00405833Arts and Humanities; Computer Science; Decision Sciences; Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Psychology; Social Sciences
82Behavioral and Social Sciences LibrarianRoutledge01639269, 15444546Social Sciences
83Arktika: Ekologia i EkonomikaNuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences22234594Earth and Planetary Sciences; Environmental Science; Social Sciences
84Die ErdeGesellschaft fur Erdkunde zu Berlin139998Earth and Planetary Sciences; Energy; Environmental Science; Social Sciences
85AgrarisDepartment of Agribusiness, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta25279238, 2407814XAgricultural and Biological Sciences; Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Social Sciences
86Periodica Polytechnica, Social and Management SciencesBudapest University of Technology and Economics14163837, 15873803Business, Management and Accounting; Decision Sciences; Engineering; Social Sciences
87Journal of Quantitative Analysis in SportsWalter de Gruyter GmbH15590410Decision Sciences; Social Sciences
88Aerospace SystemsSpringer Science + Business Media25233955Earth and Planetary Sciences; Engineering; Social Sciences
89StandortSpringer Verlag1743635Earth and Planetary Sciences; Environmental Science; Social Sciences
90Economia Agro-AlimentareFrancoAngeli Edizioni19724802, 11261668Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Business, Management and Accounting; Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Environmental Science; Social Sciences; Veterinary
91Revista de Estudios Latinoamericanos sobre Reduccion del Riesgo de DesastresCorporation for the Management and Reduction of Disaster Risk in Chile (GRID-Chile)7198477Earth and Planetary Sciences; Environmental Science; Social Sciences
92J-ReadingEdizioni Nuova Cultura22814310, 22815694Earth and Planetary Sciences; Social Sciences
93International Journal of Information, Diversity and InclusionUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa25743430Social Sciences
94International Journal of Sustainable ManufacturingInderscience Publishers17427223, 17427231Business, Management and Accounting; Decision Sciences; Engineering; Social Sciences
95Pakistan Journal of Life and Social SciencesElite Scientific Forum22217630, 17274915Agricultural and Biological Sciences; Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology; Environmental Science; Medicine; Social Sciences
96Studies in Systems, Decision and ControlSpringer International Publishing AG21984182, 21984190Computer Science; Decision Sciences; Economics, Econometrics and Finance; Engineering; Mathematics; Social Sciences
97Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and HealthTaylor and Francis Ltd.21596778, 2159676XHealth Professions; Psychology; Social Sciences
98Trauma, Violence, and AbuseSAGE Publications Ltd15248380, 15528324Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
99Journals of Gerontology - Series B Psychological Sciences and Social SciencesGerontological Society of America10795014, 17585368Medicine; Nursing; Psychology; Social Sciences
100Asian Journal of Social Health and BehaviorWolters Kluwer Medknow Publications27724204Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
101Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric EpidemiologyD. Steinkopff-Verlag14339285, 09337954Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
102American Journal of Community PsychologyWiley-Blackwell00910562, 15732770Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
103MindfulnessSpringer Verlag18688535, 18688527Psychology; Social Sciences
104Psychology of ViolenceAmerican Psychological Association21520828, 2152081XPsychology; Social Sciences
105Research on AgingSAGE Publications Inc.01640275, 15527573Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
106American Journal of EvaluationSAGE Publications Inc.10982140Business, Management and Accounting; Psychology; Social Sciences
107Clinical Social Work JournalKluwer Academic/Human Sciences Press Inc.15733343, 00911674Medicine; Social Sciences
108Ageing and SocietyCambridge University Press0144686X, 14691779Arts and Humanities; Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
109Child Indicators ResearchSpringer Netherlands18748988, 1874897XPsychology; Social Sciences
110Clinical GerontologistRoutledge15452301, 07317115Medicine; Nursing; Psychology; Social Sciences
111Journal of Community PsychologyWiley-Liss Inc.15206629, 00904392Psychology; Social Sciences
112AIDS Care - Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIVRoutledge13600451, 09540121Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences
113Psychology and SexualityRoutledge19419902, 19419899Psychology; Social Sciences
114Body and SocietySAGE Publications Ltd1357034X, 14603632Psychology; Social Sciences
115American Journal of Health BehaviorPNG Publications10873244Medicine; Psychology; Social Sciences

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