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Artificial Intelligence paid research Journals: Publish your research with APC in the paid publishing research journals of Artificial Intelligence. An APC journal is a scientific journal that requires authors to pay a fee to publish their article after it has been accepted. This web document aims to provide you with paid Artificial Intelligence research journals.

List of paid research Journals in Artificial Intelligence

60 paid Artificial Intelligence Journals founded

S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNReview ProcessAPC Charges
1Journal of IntelligenceMDPI AGAnonymous peer review1400 CHF
2IET Cyber-systems and RoboticsWileyAnonymous peer review2000 EUR; 1700 GBP; 2200 USD
3Journal of Intelligent SystemsDe Gruyter0334-1860Double anonymous peer review1000 EUR
4AIMDPI AGAnonymous peer review1200 CHF
5Sistem Pendukung Keputusan dengan AplikasiAli Institute of Research and Publication2829-2820Double anonymous peer review50000 IDR
6Applied Artificial IntelligenceTaylor & Francis Group0883-9514Anonymous peer review2110 EUR; 1756 GBP; 2195 USD
7Cognitive Computation and SystemsWileyAnonymous peer review2000 EUR; 1700 GBP; 2200 USD
8Artificial Intelligence in the Life SciencesElsevierAnonymous peer review1450 USD
9ROBOMECH JournalSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review1100 EUR; 1390 USD; 990 GBP
10CAAI Transactions on Intelligence TechnologyWileyAnonymous peer review2600 USD; 2010 GBP; 2360 EUR
11Intelligent MedicineElsevier2096-9376Anonymous peer review1100 USD
12Open Computer ScienceDe GruyterAnonymous peer review1000 EUR
13JEPIN (Jurnal Edukasi dan Penelitian Informatika)Universitas Tanjungpura2460-0741Double anonymous peer review1000000 IDR
14Digital Chemical EngineeringElsevierAnonymous peer review1800 USD
15Machine Learning with ApplicationsElsevierAnonymous peer review2200 USD
16Brain: Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and NeuroscienceEduSoft publishingAnonymous peer review150 EUR
17Data-Centric EngineeringCambridge University PressAnonymous peer review1250 GBP
18International Journal of Advanced Robotic SystemsSAGE PublishingDouble anonymous peer review1500 USD
19J-TIT (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Terapan)Politeknik Negeri Jember2354-838XDouble anonymous peer review17 USD
20Results in Control and OptimizationElsevierAnonymous peer review1000 USD
21International Journal of Information Management Data InsightsElsevierDouble anonymous peer review1500 USD
22Jurnal Riset InformatikaKresnamedia Publisher2656-1743Double anonymous peer review500000 IDR
23IJAIN (International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Informatics)Universitas Ahmad Dahlan2442-6571Anonymous peer review200 USD
24DigitalMDPI AGAnonymous peer review1000 CHF
25Protek: Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik ElektroKhairun University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering2354-8924Anonymous peer review500000 IDR
26MedComm – Future MedicineWileyAnonymous peer review2600 USD
27Iraqi Journal of Information & Communication TechnologyCollege of Information Engineering2222-758XDouble anonymous peer review100000 IQD
28Argument & ComputationIOS Press1946-2166Anonymous peer review900 USD; 900 EUR
29AI PerspectivesSpringerOpenAnonymous peer review1390 EUR; 1690 USD; 1140 GBP
30Discover Artificial IntelligenceSpringerAnonymous peer review1040 EUR; 1340 USD; 890 GBP
31Complex & Intelligent SystemsSpringer2199-4536Double anonymous peer review1790 EUR; 2190 USD; 1490 GBP
32Ilkom Jurnal IlmiahFakultas Ilmu Komputer UMI2087-1716Anonymous peer review2000000 IDR
33Connection ScienceTaylor & Francis Group0954-0091Double anonymous peer review1344 GBP; 1680 USD
34Systems Science & Control EngineeringTaylor & Francis GroupAnonymous peer review1680 USD; 1344 GBP
35Green Energy and Intelligent TransportationElsevierDouble anonymous peer review1950 USD
36Computers and Education: Artificial IntelligenceElsevierDouble anonymous peer review1800 USD
37Smart EnergyElsevierAnonymous peer review2000 USD
38Сучасні інформаційні системиNational Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"2522-9052Double anonymous peer review500 UAH
39Franklin OpenElsevier2773-1871Anonymous peer review1900 USD
40Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical SystemsKeAi Communications Co., Ltd.Anonymous peer review800 USD
41JMIR AIJMIR PublicationsAnonymous peer review1500 USD
42Digital Zone: Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiUniversitas Lancang Kuning2086-4884Double anonymous peer review350000 IDR
43Journal of Responsible TechnologyElsevierDouble anonymous peer review1300 EUR
44Smart Agricultural TechnologyElsevierAnonymous peer review1800 USD
45IET Smart CitiesWileyAnonymous peer review2000 EUR; 1700 GBP; 2200 USD
46Jisuanji kexue yu tansuoJournal of Computer Engineering and Applications Beijing Co., Ltd., Science Press1673-9418Anonymous peer review3500 CNY
47Jisuanji kexueEditorial office of Computer Science1002-137XAnonymous peer review5000 CNY
48智慧农业Editorial Office of Smart Agriculture2096-8094Double anonymous peer review10000 CNY; 1800 USD
49International Journal of Cognitive Computing in EngineeringKeAi Communications Co., Ltd.Anonymous peer review800 USD
50The Lancet: Digital HealthElsevierAnonymous peer review5780 USD
51Cognitive RoboticsKeAi Communications Co. Ltd.Anonymous peer review800 USD
52AI OpenKeAi Communications Co. Ltd.Anonymous peer review800 USD
53Advances in Electrical and Computer EngineeringStefan cel Mare University of Suceava1582-7445Double anonymous peer review300 EUR
54Techno.ComUniversitas Dian NuswantoroAnonymous peer review300000 IDR
55Biomimetic Intelligence and RoboticsElsevier2097-0242Anonymous peer review1800 USD
56Journal of King Saud University: Computer and Information SciencesElsevier1319-1578Double anonymous peer review1350 USD
57Machine Learning: Science and TechnologyIOP PublishingAnonymous peer review1750 GBP; 2075 EUR; 2405 USD
58ArrayElsevierAnonymous peer review1420 USD
59Intelligence-Based MedicineElsevierAnonymous peer review2050 USD
60IoTMDPI AGAnonymous peer review1200 CHF

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