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Medical paid research Journals: Publish your research with APC in the paid publishing research journals of Medical. An APC journal is a scientific journal that requires authors to pay a fee to publish their article after it has been accepted. This web document aims to provide with you the paid Medical research journals.

List of paid research Journals in Medical

50 paid Medical Journals founded

S. No.Journal TitlePublisherE-ISSNReview ProcessAPC Charges
1Journal of Applied Clinical Medical PhysicsWiley1526-9914Double blind peer review2850 EUR; 2250 GBP; 3575 USD
2Revista Brasileira de Educação MédicaAssocição Brasileira de Educação Médica1981-5271Peer review1000 BRL
3Medical Journal of IndonesiaFaculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia2252-8083Double blind peer review300 USD
4Medical Devices: Evidence and ResearchDove Medical Press1179-1470Blind peer review2320 USD
5Advances in Medical Education and PracticeDove Medical Press1179-7258Blind peer review2320 USD
6BMC Medical EducationBMC1472-6920Open peer review1570 GBP
7Health and Quality of Life OutcomesBMC1477-7525Blind peer review1690 GBP
8Gomal Journal of Medical SciencesGomal Medical College, D.I.Khan, Pakistan1997-2067Double blind peer review8000 PKR
9Journal of the Korean Medical AssociationKorean Medical Association2093-5951Blind peer review100000 KRW
10Libyan Journal of MedicineTaylor & Francis Group1819-6357Double blind peer review1545 GBP
11MedEdPublishAssociation for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)2312-7996Open peer review750 GBP
12Health Science ReportsWiley2398-8835Blind peer review2200 USD
13JMIR Biomedical EngineeringJMIR Publications2561-3278Blind peer review1500 USD
14ReportsMDPI AG2571-841XBlind peer review1400 CHF
15Medicine in Novel Technology and DevicesElsevier2590-0935Blind peer review2000 USD
16Frontiers in Medical TechnologyFrontiers Media S.A.2673-3129Blind peer review1900 USD
17Pakistan Armed Forces Medical JournalArmy Medical College Rawalpindi2411-8842Double blind peer review7000 PKR
18Vojnosanitetski PregledMilitary Health Department, Ministry of Defance, Serbia2406-0720Double blind peer review150 EUR
19Journal of the Medical SciencesUniversitas Gadjah Mada2356-3931Double blind peer review50 USD
20Iranian Journal of Medical SciencesShiraz University of Medical Sciences1735-3688Blind peer review28000000 IRR; 350 USD
21The Medical Journal of Basrah UniversityUniversity of Basrah2413-4414Double blind peer review75 USD
22Journal of International Medical ResearchSAGE Publishing1473-2300Blind peer review2600 GBP
23Chinese Medical JournalWolters Kluwer2542-5641Double blind peer review2000 USD
24Kazanskij Medicinskij ŽurnalECO-vector2587-9359Blind peer review9800 RUB
25La Pediatria Medica e ChirurgicaPAGEPress Publications2420-7748Blind peer review500 EUR
26Journal of Biological ResearchesIndonesian Biological Society2337-389XDouble blind peer review1625000 IDR
27Journal of Materials Science: Materials in MedicineSpringer1573-4838Blind peer review2195 USD; 1485 GBP; 1820 EUR
28Journal of Laboratory PhysiciansThieme Medical and Scientific Publishers Pvt. Ltd.0974-7826Double blind peer review100000 INR; 200 USD
29مجله دانشکده پزشکی اصفهانVesnu Publications1735-854XDouble blind peer review2000000 IRR
30Journal of Biomedical OpticsSPIE1560-2281Blind peer review1675 USD
31Medical Education OnlineTaylor & Francis Group1087-2981Double blind peer review1785 GBP
32Stem Cells and Cloning: Advances and ApplicationsDove Medical Press1178-6957Blind peer review2320 USD
33Reports in Medical ImagingDove Medical Press1179-1586Blind peer review1806 USD
34Clinical Medicine Insights: Case ReportsSAGE Publishing1179-5476Blind peer review1848 USD
35Biomedical Engineering and Computational BiologySAGE Publishing1179-5972Blind peer review1848 USD
36UisahakKorean Society for the History of Medicine2093-5609Double blind peer review100000 KRW
37Genes & Genetic SystemsThe Genetics Society of Japan1880-5779Blind peer review150000 JPY
38International Journal of Medical MicrobiologyElsevier1618-0607Blind peer review2200 USD
39International Journal of Medical SciencesIvyspring International Publisher1449-1907Peer review2000 AUD
40SanamedAssociation of medical doctors Sanamed Novi Pazar2217-8171Double blind peer review150 EUR
41Journal of Medical BiochemistrySociety of Medical Biochemists of Serbia, Belgrade1452-8266Double blind peer review58000 RSD
42Current Controlled Trials in Cardiovascular MedicineBMC1468-6694Open peer review1370 GBP
43BMC Medical ImagingBMC1471-2342Open peer review1690 GBP
44BMC Medical GeneticsBMC1471-2350Open peer review1790 GBP
45BMC Medical EthicsBMC1472-6939Open peer review1190 GBP
46Bosnian Journal of Basic Medical SciencesAssociation of Basic Medical Sciences of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina1840-4812Double blind peer review995 EUR
47PLoS GeneticsPublic Library of Science (PLoS)1553-7404Blind peer review2575 USD
48Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchPharmacotherapy Group, University of Benin, Benin City1596-9827Blind peer review500 USD
49Majallah-i ̒Ilmī-i Dānishgāh-i ̒Ulūm-i Pizishkī-i SimnānSemnan Univeristy of Medical SciencesPeer review2000000 IRR
50Journal of Integrative BioinformaticsDe Gruyter1613-4516Blind peer review1000 EUR

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