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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Accounting journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Accounting journals

list of Accounting journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1ApparelVNU Business Publications4
2Research in International Business and FinanceElsevier1
3Clothing and Textiles Research JournalSAGE194024732
4Clothing and Textiles Research JournalSAGE194024732
5Management Accounting ResearchElsevier109612241
6American Bankruptcy Law JournalNational Conference of Bankruptcy Judges3
7International Journal of Clothing Science and TechnologyEmerald175859533
8International Journal of Clothing Science and TechnologyEmerald175859533
9International Journal of Technology, Policy and ManagementInderscience Publishers174152924
10Review of Accounting StudiesSpringer Nature157371361
11Review of Accounting StudiesSpringer Nature157371361
12Review of Quantitative Finance and AccountingSpringer Nature157371792
13Review of Quantitative Finance and AccountingSpringer Nature157371792
14World Sports ActivewearWorld Trades Publishing4
15CostumeEdinburgh University Press174963064
16British Plastics and RubberMCM Publishing Ltd.4
17Financial Analysts JournalAssociation for Investment Management and Research1
18International Journal of Health Care Quality AssuranceEmerald2
19International Journal of Stress ManagementAPA157334241
20Finance a Uver - Czech Journal of Economics and FinanceDatakonekt sro3
21Engineering, Construction and Architectural ManagementEmerald1365232X1
22Journal of Business and PsychologySpringer Nature1573353X1
23ENR (Engineering News-Record)Engineering News-Record4
24Banking Law JournalSheshunoff Information Services Inc.4
25Journal of Information SystemsAmerican Accounting Association155879591
26Journal of Policy Analysis and ManagementWiley-Blackwell152066881
27Industria TextilaResearch Development National Institute for Textile and Leather3
28Knitting InternationalWorld Textile Publications Ltd4
29Economic and Industrial DemocracySAGE146170991
30Review of FinanceOxford University Press1573692X1
31Review of Financial StudiesOxford University Press146573681
32Melliand InternationalInternational Business Press Publishers4
33Nonwovens IndustryRodman Publications, Inc.4
34Journal of Futures MarketsWiley-Blackwell109699342
35Journal of Futures MarketsWiley-Blackwell109699342
36Przeglad WlokienniczyWydawnictwo SIGMA244999864
37Journal of Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management Research3
38Journal of Portfolio ManagementPortfolio Management Research3
39Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-UsesJapan Research Association for Textile End-User4
40Technical Textiles InternationalInternational Newsletters Ltd4
41Technische TextilienDeutscher Fachverlag GmbH4
42Textile HistoryTaylor & Francis174329524
43Textile Outlook InternationalTextiles Intelligence Ltd.4
44Public Money and ManagementTaylor & Francis146793022
45Public Money and ManagementTaylor & Francis146793022
46International Journal of Finance and EconomicsWiley-Blackwell109911582
47Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and PracticeSpringer Nature146804402
48Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and PracticeSpringer Nature146804402
49Journal of FinanceWiley-Blackwell154062611
50Journal of Financial Services ResearchSpringer Nature157307351
51Journal of Money, Credit and BankingWiley-Blackwell153846162
52British Journal of Industrial RelationsWiley-Blackwell146785431
53Mathematical FinanceWiley-Blackwell146799651
54Journal of Risk and InsuranceWiley-Blackwell153969751
55European Journal of Industrial RelationsSAGE146171292
56ACM Transactions on Information SystemsACM155828681
57International Journal of Production EconomicsElsevier1
58Work, Employment and SocietySAGE1
59Human Systems ManagementIOS Press2
60Journal of Common Market StudiesWiley-Blackwell146859651
61Economic InquiryWiley-Blackwell146572952
62Business and SocietySAGE155242051
63Academy of Management JournalAcademy of Management1
64Business HistoryTaylor & Francis174379382
65Academy of Management ReviewAcademy of Management1
66Business History ReviewCambridge University Press2044768X3
67Journal of Management DevelopmentEmerald1
68Journal of Management InquirySAGE155265421
69Enterprise and SocietyCambridge University Press146722354
70Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und PraxisVerlag Neue Wirtschafts-Briete GmbH & Co.4
71British Journal of ManagementWiley-Blackwell146785511
72ManagementUniversity of Split - Faculty of Economics184633633
73Feminist EconomicsTaylor & Francis146643722
74International Journal of Health GeographicsSpringer Nature1
75Decision SciencesWiley-Blackwell154059151
76Contemporary Economic PolicyWiley-Blackwell146572872
77Corporate Governance: An International ReviewWiley-Blackwell146786831
79Harvard Business ReviewHarvard Business School Publishing2
80Hitotsubashi Journal of EconomicsSanseido Publishing Company, Ltd.3
81Informacion TecnologicaCentro de Informacion Tecnologica71807643
82R and D ManagementWiley-Blackwell146793101
83Business Ethics QuarterlyCambridge University Press1
84Revista Venezolana de GerenciaUniversidad del Zulia4
85Industry and InnovationTaylor & Francis146983901
86Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency ManagementWalter de Gruyter1
87WirtschaftsdienstSpringer Nature1613978X4
88Journal of Real Estate Finance and EconomicsSpringer Nature1573045X3
89Journal of Real Estate LiteratureAmerican Real Estate Society3
90World EconomyWiley-Blackwell146797013
91Supply Chain ManagementEmerald1
92International Journal of the Economics of BusinessTaylor & Francis146618293
93Total Quality Management and Business ExcellenceTaylor & Francis147833711
95Journal of Business and Technical CommunicationSAGE155245742
96Journal of Business EthicsSpringer Nature157306971
97Journal of Economics/ Zeitschrift fur NationalokonomieSpringer Nature161771342
98Journal of Economics and BusinessElsevier1
99Journal of Financial EconomicsElsevier1
100Journal of Financial ResearchWiley-Blackwell147568033
101Journal of Industrial EconomicsWiley-Blackwell146764513
102Journal of Industrial EconomicsWiley-Blackwell146764513
103Journal of International Business StudiesSpringer Nature147869901
104American Journal of Mathematical and Management SciencesTaylor & Francis3
105International Journal of Selection and AssessmentWiley-Blackwell146823892
106Real Estate EconomicsWiley-Blackwell154062292
107Applied Stochastic Models in Business and IndustryWiley-Blackwell152640253
108HaliHali Publications Ltd.4
109Betonwerk und Fertigteil-Technik/Concrete Precasting Plant and TechnologyBauverlag BV Gmbh4
110Fiscal StudiesWiley-Blackwell147558902

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