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This web page aims to provide a latest list of Law journals. These journals are approved by UGC CARE, Scopus. Many of these journals are also SCI indexed. Click on the journal title to know more details.

List of Law journals

list of Law journals
S. No.Journal TitlePublisherISSNQuartile
1InterchangeSpringer Nature157317902
2Behavioral Sciences and the LawWiley-Blackwell109907981
3Cambridge Law JournalCambridge University Press146921392
4Journal of Social PolicyCambridge University Press146978231
5Canadian Journal of Law and SocietyCambridge University Press191102273
6Canadian journal of women and the law = Revue juridique La femme et le droitUniversity of Toronto Press191102353
7Chinese Law and GovernmentTaylor & Francis194470514
8American Bankruptcy Law JournalNational Conference of Bankruptcy Judges2
9American Journal of JurisprudenceUniversity of Notre Dame, Law School204964943
10American Journal of Law and MedicineSAGE2375835X2
11American Journal of Legal HistoryOxford University Press2161797X3
12International Journal of Technology ManagementInderscience Publishers174152761
13Federal RegisterU.S. Office of the Federal Register3
14Fordham Law ReviewFordham University Press2
15Cleveland state law reviewCleveland State University3
16Columbia Journal of Law and Social ProblemsDarby Publishing3
17Columbia Law ReviewColumbia Law Review Association1
18Communication Law and PolicyTaylor & Francis153269264
19European Journal of Health LawBrill157180932
20International Journal of Housing PolicyTaylor & Francis194912551
21Law Library JournalAmerican Association of Law Libraries3
22Legal Reference Services QuarterlyTaylor & Francis1540949X4
23George Washington Law ReviewGeorge Washington University2
24Georgetown Law JournalGeorgetown University Law Center1
25Cornell Journal of Law and Public PolicyCornell Law School2
26Cornell Law ReviewCornell University Press1
27Housing Policy DebateTaylor & Francis2152050X2
28Artificial Intelligence and LawSpringer Nature157283821
29Psychology, Crime and LawTaylor & Francis147727441
30Psychology, Public Policy, and LawAPA1
31Studia IslamicaBrill195857054
32Development Policy ReviewWiley-Blackwell146776792
33Recht und PsychiatriePsychiatrie Verlag GmbH2
34Deviant BehaviorTaylor & Francis152104561
35Harvard Environmental Law ReviewHarvard University Press2
36Harvard Environmental Law ReviewHarvard University Press3
37Harvard Journal of Law and Public PolicyHarvard University Press3
38Harvard Journal of LegislationHarvard University Press3
39Harvard Law ReviewHarvard Law Review Association1
40Current legal problemsOxford University Press204484222
41Land Use PolicyElsevier1
42Local EnvironmentTaylor & Francis146967112
43Government Information QuarterlyElsevier1
44Indiana Law JournalIndiana University Press2
45Duke Environmental Law and Policy ForumDuke University Press232896863
46Duke Environmental Law and Policy ForumDuke University Press232896864
47Duke Law JournalDuke University Press1
48Louisiana Law ReviewLouisiana State University4
49Biotechnology Law ReportMary Ann Liebert155787044
50Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative LawSAGE239955482
51International Journal of Law and PsychiatryElsevier187363861
52International Review of Law and EconomicsElsevier2
53Banking Law JournalSheshunoff Information Services Inc.4
54Iowa Law ReviewUniversity of Iowa2
55Ecology Law QuarterlyUniversity of California Press2
56Israel Law ReviewCambridge University Press204793363
57Environmental Law and ManagementLawtext Publishing Ltd.4
58International Dyer and FinisherWorld Textile Publications Ltd4
59Medical Law InternationalSAGE204794413
60Medical Law ReviewOxford University Press146437901
61Journal of African LawCambridge University Press146437313
62Medicine and LawYozmol Heiliger3
63Melbourne University Law ReviewMelbourne University Law Review Association2
64Journal of Law and EconomicsUniversity of Chicago Press153752851
65Journal of Law and ReligionCambridge University Press216330883
66Journal of Law and SocietyWiley-Blackwell146764782
67Journal of Law, Economics, and OrganizationOxford University Press146573411
68Journal of Legal EducationAssociation of America Law Schools2
69Journal of Legal StudiesUniversity of Chicago Press153753662
70European Law ReviewSweet & Maxwell Ltd2
71Journal of Planning and Environment LawSweet & Maxwell Ltd4
72Journal of Planning and Environment LawSweet & Maxwell Ltd4
73Theoretical Inquiries in LawWalter de Gruyter1
74Tourism Recreation ResearchTaylor & Francis232003082
75Michigan Law ReviewMichigan Law Review Association1
76Minnesota Law ReviewUniversity of Minnesota Press1
77Applied Vegetation ScienceWiley-Blackwell1654109X1
78Aquatic Ecosystem Health and ManagementTaylor & Francis153940773
79Capitalism, Nature, SocialismTaylor & Francis154832902
80Social and Legal StudiesSAGE146173901
81Journal of Water LawLawtext Publishing Ltd.4
82Law and Contemporary ProblemsDuke University Press1
83Law and CritiqueSpringer Nature157286172
84Social Justice ResearchSpringer Nature157367251
85Law and PhilosophySpringer Nature157305222
86Law and PolicyWiley-Blackwell146799301
87Law and Social InquiryWiley-Blackwell1545696X1
88Law and Society ReviewWiley-Blackwell154058931
89North American Journal of Fisheries ManagementWiley-Blackwell154886753
90New York University Law ReviewNew York University School of Law2
91Law TeacherTaylor & Francis194303533
92Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte, Germanistische AbteilungWalter de Gruyter230448614
93Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung fur Rechtsgeschichte, Kanonistische AbteilungBohlau Verlag230448964
94Northwestern University Law ReviewNorthwestern University1
95Notre Dame Law ReviewJoe Christensen, Inc.2
96Psychiatry, Psychology and LawTaylor & Francis193416872
97Water InternationalTaylor & Francis2
98Violence Against WomenSAGE155284481
99Violence and VictimsSpringer Publishing Company2
100Water PolicyIWA Publishing2
101Journal of Transport Economics and PolicyUniversity of Bath175459512
102Social Science Computer ReviewSAGE155282861
103Information Economics and PolicyElsevier2
104Landscape and Urban PlanningElsevier1
105South African law journalJuta & Co. Ltd.4
106Natural Resources JournalUniversity of New Mexico School of Law2
107Oxford Journal of Legal StudiesOxford University Press146438201
108Water S.A.Water Research Commission181679503
109Wetlands Ecology and ManagementSpringer Nature157298342
110Crime and DelinquencySAGE1552387X1

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